Why do the kids ask me for something as soon I sit down? 

Why do I bother cleaning up the puppy’s toys when I know she’s going to drag them right back out again? 

Why do I put away the kids toys when I know Bubby is going to drag them all over the playroom (At least I can shut the door!)?

Why does it rain on days where I want to get out of the house?

Why did the garbageman pick up the trash on Labor Day? Now I have a trash can full of trash because I thought they would come Tuesday.

Why is Sweet Pea obsessed with having cheese for a snack, EVERY DAY?

Why aren’t moms paid, in something besides awesome hugs, kisses, and laughs?

Why are my kids so cute when they play together?

Why can I never be caught up on laundry?

Why does my house get so dusty?

Why does Bubby’s hair grow in faster in the back than it does everywhere else?

Why won’t my yard grow grass instead of thousands of prickly weeds? I know why, but it still irritates me that we can’t enjoy our back yard. 

Why are the sniffles not going away for Sweet Pea?

Why does Sweet Pea ask me ten thousand questions, every day? Why does she repeat herself over and over till I want to scream?! (Oh that’s right, she is FOUR)

Why does Bubby squeal like a pig when he doesn’t get his way? (oh, yeah, he’s 2)

Why haven’t I blogged more?



The Crazy Things that my children say..

I haven’t done this in forever. I’ve been trying to note my favorite sayings on my phone, because I want to keep it somewhere I can read when they are older. 🙂

A few weeks ago we were at a party where Sweet Pea informed me that “Doritos taste like fire.”

All righty then.

When we had Spartacus, we had Sweet Pea help us with his poop. Most of the time she would do it without saying anything, but one time she told me.. “But MOM, that’s not my favorite!!” And cleaning up poop is my favorite past time. Silly girl.

The kids and I went to Starbucks. I got them a water or juice, but Bubby wanted my coffee. I told him no, and then he says. “That’s mommy’s juice!” 🙂 Yes it is baby, mama needs her caffeine. haha

Sweet Pea informed Jason and I that she doesn’t like boys, “boys are gross, I only like dads”.

Can we keep it that way? We told her she can’t date till she is 35.

A couple of weeks ago we were preparing to go to the beach. I was taking my time cutting up strawberries and a pineapple to make a fruit bowl for the kids. Sweet Pea was not impressed. She told me I wasn’t doing it right, because my friend T, made her kids fruit kabobs. She informed me that I needed to buy sticks for the next time we went to the beach.

She is bossy, and I swear she gets that from her father.





HA! (She’s cursed, she gets it from both of us)

We were driving with the dog last week and Sweet Pea told us that the dog would like to listen to “Call Me Maybe”. This has been one of Sweet Pea’s favorite songs and asks for us to play it all the time. lol

Finally, this morning as I was getting them some cereal Sweet Pea asks me who makes the stove and refrigerator. Before I could answer her she said “I know! Elves make them, you know, the ones who make presents for kids. They make appliances then they put them in people’s homes while they are sleeping”. I have no idea where she gets her ideas. But they are super cute.

Like I’ve said before, things are rarely dull in our house. I’m sure Bubby will be coming up with his own soon. He’s is starting to talk our ears off, in a language we can understand.

Mommy bribed the kids with ice cream so she could get her grocery shopping done!

Update on Sweet Pea. *gross*

Sweet Pea’s poor itty bitty toe.

Like I said before, iPad’s are dangerous.

I had taken her to the doctor to make sure nothing was broken and to see if they would need to drain under the toenail. The pressure was really hurting her. It wasn’t broken, and they told me to keep Tylenol in her and to soak it in ice water often for three days.

We tried it for a day, till she woke up screaming in pain at midnight. This mama made the decision to drain it herself. So I did some research, sanitized everything, and got to it. It bled for two days off and on. We soaked it in warm water to draw out more of the blood.

She immediately felt relief. She was able to walk without pain. Not to mention, she didn’t wake up screaming in pain again.

Then a regular blister formed underneath the nail a couple of days later and the pressure was hurting her again. I simply pressed on the nail gently and it popped. It was nasty.

We have kept it clean, dry, and sanitized as much as we can.

Now the toenail is falling off. She won’t let us rip it off, even though it is barely hanging on.. I might have to tackle her later since I know it no longer hurts her, she just hates the sight of her own blood.  haha

(she freaks out when she bleeds, it is amusing and a little annoying)

So here is a picture of her nasty toe. Hopefully it will fall off at bath time tonight.


FINALLY. It is done.

Let’s just say, this armoire was a lot bigger project than what we had anticipated. A lot of stuff happened. A lot of laziness was involved. This was solid wood, heavy, and enormous.

But it is done.

Let’s hope it sells quickly, so we can get it out of our garage. And I can work on projects, much smaller projects. Ones that I can handle without needing two men to move it around the garage. 😉


The things inside the doors of the top. They were ugly, it looked like barb wire.


This was much uglier, and much darker in person. MUCH.

After. Two different colors.

This is the same color as the top, but the motorcycle is making the light weird.





A New Family Member

Meet the newest member of the family.


We had given Spartacus to his new owner on Monday and found this sweetie on Thursday. There was an ad on craigslist for a huge litter of puppies on the North Shore. They were half lab and I was definitely interested. Jason agreed to check them out and we had a beautiful drive up the North Shore at Sunset. So pretty.


There were 8-9 puppies and we had a hard time deciding. Well, we didn’t have any trouble eliminating the ones who looked like full labs because they were HYPER. They kept jumping and biting the kids clothes. Then we see our puppy with her brother, sitting quietly in the corner. We loved how calm they both were with all the chaos going on around them. So it came down to the two of them. Sweet Pea proclaimed she wanted a girl, but Jason wanted a boy since he would be huge (his paws were enormous).

He chose to go with Sweet Pea’s wishes.

Her name is Nalani. She is a shepherd and lab mix We decided to with a Hawaiian name for Hawaiian dog. It means heavenly calm. And it suits her so far. She is sweet and smart. She is pretty calm. She plays hard for 20-30 minutes and then sleeps for an hour. She has caught on to house-training in an unbelievable amount of time. No accidents in the house, yet. She loves to cuddle, which is probably because she was from a litter of 10 and used to a warm body to play or sleep with..

We have all fallen in love with her and we are so happy she joined our family. Jason especially, he finally feels he’s got a “man’s dog”. haha

A tough day for parenting.

I will admit it. I made a mistake. 

I should have never gotten Spartacus, the dog. He was not made for family life. He was older (2 years) and too fragile for my rough and tumble two year old. 

He was great for a couple of months, but a small dog can only tolerate so much. We had to limit playtime with the kids. The neighborhood kids treated him like a toy. (they got a little upset when he wasn’t allowed to play outside anymore)

The dog wanted to cuddle. Pure and simple. He wanted to be held like a baby. He did not want children to hold him though. Sweet Pea was gentle (for the most part) and he started to growl and snap at her whenever she walked nearby.

She loved that dog.

He just was not a good fit for our family. In addition, we could NOT house train him. He wouldn’t pee in the house, but he would poop. 

So judge me. We made the decision to find the dog another home. Not because of the house training, but because he was not a good dog for a family.

We found him a wonderful home. An older lady who lived alone who wanted a companion. She plans to sleep with him, carry him in a purse, and have play dates with her friends who also have small dogs.

Perfect fit for him.

I feel bad for my girl, but she is adapting. And she got a new Betta fish, named Gizzy. Bubby could care less.

We do plan on getting another dog. A PUPPY. A larger breed. One that will play with children. One that will be more patient and grow up with crazy kids wanting to play with it. 

But I feel we did what was best for the dog and my children. I am sure we will find a dog that is a perfect fit for our family. 

Public service announcement!!

If an iPad drops on your toe, it will hurt. And if it drops just right on your four year old’s toe, it will do some serious damage.

Sweet pea got off the couch and the iPad slipped out of her hands. She cried a cry where I knew she was hurt badly. Immediately a blood blister formed under the nail and slowly throughout the day it got worse. I made her elevate it, tried to ice it, and gave her motrin for the pain.

Her whole nail is purple. I’m afraid it might fall off. She (understandably) won’t let me take the rest of the fingernail polish off to see the extent of the bruise/blister. So no closed shoes or ballet for a little while. Let’s hope it heals some before she starts her new dance class next week. (she gets to do tap AND ballet. She is so happy)

Here is a picture as further proof that iPads should never fall on one’s toe.