A New Family Member

Meet the newest member of the family.


We had given Spartacus to his new owner on Monday and found this sweetie on Thursday. There was an ad on craigslist for a huge litter of puppies on the North Shore. They were half lab and I was definitely interested. Jason agreed to check them out and we had a beautiful drive up the North Shore at Sunset. So pretty.


There were 8-9 puppies and we had a hard time deciding. Well, we didn’t have any trouble eliminating the ones who looked like full labs because they were HYPER. They kept jumping and biting the kids clothes. Then we see our puppy with her brother, sitting quietly in the corner. We loved how calm they both were with all the chaos going on around them. So it came down to the two of them. Sweet Pea proclaimed she wanted a girl, but Jason wanted a boy since he would be huge (his paws were enormous).

He chose to go with Sweet Pea’s wishes.

Her name is Nalani. She is a shepherd and lab mix We decided to with a Hawaiian name for Hawaiian dog. It means heavenly calm. And it suits her so far. She is sweet and smart. She is pretty calm. She plays hard for 20-30 minutes and then sleeps for an hour. She has caught on to house-training in an unbelievable amount of time. No accidents in the house, yet. She loves to cuddle, which is probably because she was from a litter of 10 and used to a warm body to play or sleep with..

We have all fallen in love with her and we are so happy she joined our family. Jason especially, he finally feels he’s got a “man’s dog”. haha


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