Update on Sweet Pea. *gross*

Sweet Pea’s poor itty bitty toe.

Like I said before, iPad’s are dangerous.

I had taken her to the doctor to make sure nothing was broken and to see if they would need to drain under the toenail. The pressure was really hurting her. It wasn’t broken, and they told me to keep Tylenol in her and to soak it in ice water often for three days.

We tried it for a day, till she woke up screaming in pain at midnight. This mama made the decision to drain it herself. So I did some research, sanitized everything, and got to it. It bled for two days off and on. We soaked it in warm water to draw out more of the blood.

She immediately felt relief. She was able to walk without pain. Not to mention, she didn’t wake up screaming in pain again.

Then a regular blister formed underneath the nail a couple of days later and the pressure was hurting her again. I simply pressed on the nail gently and it popped. It was nasty.

We have kept it clean, dry, and sanitized as much as we can.

Now the toenail is falling off. She won’t let us rip it off, even though it is barely hanging on.. I might have to tackle her later since I know it no longer hurts her, she just hates the sight of her own blood.  haha

(she freaks out when she bleeds, it is amusing and a little annoying)

So here is a picture of her nasty toe. Hopefully it will fall off at bath time tonight.



My kids are trying to turn me into a zombie.

And I’m going to a very mean one, at that. And this is a very long, rambling post. You’ve been warned.

Remember the post about Murphy’s Law? It’s happening. My husband has duty. No big deal, usually. It’s an excuse for me and the kids to chill out, eat something simple for dinner, and for me to clean the house without him underfoot.

Today has been hellish.

Sweet Pea got a very small cold a couple of days ago. Bubby, of course caught it. He cannot suffer in silence. Nor will he sleep. All he has is the sniffles. A stopped up nose. No fever, coughing, stomach issues. So he kept me up ALL night last night, for the second night in a row. Over a stuffy, snotty nose. *sigh*

So of course, I’m exhausted. Did I mention I stayed up till 2am working on a paper that I put off? It was easy, just time-consuming.

We get up, I give the kids their breakfast. Bubby doesn’t eat. No surprise there, honestly. He just kind of grazes till dinner. He then accidently spills his cereal all over because he was pretending to mop the floor. Meanwhile Sweet Pea keeps asking for more food. She’s the opposite of her brother and eats a lot during the early day and not much dinner.

I go to put dinner in the crock pot and realize I don’t have an ingredient I need. There goes chicken enchilada night. 😦

I decide to get us dressed so we can go outside for a bit. Sweet Pea is screaming upstairs asking where I am every 30 seconds, even though I explained that I was going to grab their clothes and get dressed.

While up there I discover I’m getting my period. Lovely. Although that does explain why I’m so bitchy and have no patience.

We get dressed, go outside. I manage to soak myself with the sprinkler. *sigh*

I go to water the backyard, taking the kids with me. Bubby wonders off, as usual. I go get him. Twice. Go back to the backyard, finally get the fertilizer sprayed on the lawn (we are desperately trying to have GRASS in our yard instead of weeds). I tell the kids to go up front.

Bubby of course takes off, by the time I get to the front yard, after turning off the hose, you know 8 seconds, he is in the street. I have to run and chase him down. This kid is going to be the death of me.

I decide, that I want a coffee. So we walk to the Burger King right up the road. Which took FOREVER. The two ladies in the back moved at the speed of a sloth. Bubby is screaming because he is bored, tired, and hungry. 25 minutes later, we get our food (2 burgers and a fry). I get outside, and Sweet Pea manages to knock our food to ground. Fries, go everywhere. Luckily the burgers were safe, otherwise I think I would have had a breakdown in the parking lot.

Get home eat, clean up our mess, and go upstairs. I tell Sweet Pea she can watch a movie while brother and I sleep. She is phasing out naps, but mama needs her down time, so she has to rest. She picks Care Bears Make a Wish or something on Netflix. I get her settled, she’s happy. Bubby and I go in the other room. He’s out in 10 minutes. I start drifting off (FINALLY!), then Sweet Pea knocks on my door saying she is scared.


Stupid freakin’ movie. It is banned.

I get her settled, turn off the movie, tell her to lay down and sleep. Go back to my room, start drifting off and Bubby wakes up. He only slept for an hour. Even though he was cranky most of the morning because of still being sleepy.

I’m ready to cry. I’m SO tired. I could barely think this morning when I woke up. Someone asked me a question on facebook and I had to google the answer because I couldn’t remember the name of a beach we visited recently.

Soooo, yeah. Now I have to figure out how to cook the thawed chicken in my fridge. Then we will drive 30 minutes to visit Jason at work. It’s the only thing keeping Sweet Pea from bursting into tears every 2 minutes because she misses her Daddy. (Yes, she is a HUGE HUGE HUGE Daddy’s girl, she freaks out when he gone more than 8 hours)

These are the days I miss Jason being on the night shift. He would let me sleep in if the kids had a rough night and I was up all night. Then he would crash after I got up.

I cannot wait for bedtime. The bottle of wine is calling my name..

We’re alive.

It was a busy couple of weeks, for me. I didn’t get much time to do extra stuff on the computer.

I’m in two more classes for school, both involve a bunch of reading. Cramming 16 weeks into 8 weeks makes for a LOT of reading at once. History is, especially, a pain in my butt. 300 page textbook to read, take notes, quizzes, tests, read “The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin”, write a 5 page paper, 4 discussion boards. It is SO time consuming. That doesn’t even include reading my other class, the quizzes, tests, discussion boards. All while taking care of the house and sick babies.

Can I just get to the accounting part of my degree please?



The kids both got really sick, at different times. Bubby ran a high fever of 104 for two days, then was fine. Sweet Pea then got a cold, which made her asthma act up. I almost had to rush her to the emergency room. She had to have an emergency breathing treatment at the doctor’s office. Her throat was having severe spasms, and she could not breathe. It was scary. 😦 But she recovered quickly with the help of steroids. They made her SO CRANKY, it was not a fun time in our house.

After Sweet Pea recovered, Bubby decided it was his turn again. He got bronchitis. So back to the doctor we went for antibiotics and more breathing treatments. He most likely  has a mild case of asthma like his sister. Both of them cannot get a cold without needing breathing treatments. It’s heartbreaking sometimes.

We knew that was a risk. Jason had severe asthma as a child, and it can be hereditary.

They are now fully recovered.

Oh, and Jason had to go to the hospital because something that weighed 7000lbs rolled on his foot. His foot and toes were so swollen. It was nasty. Luckily, everything was fine.

It was a long two weeks. I managed to not have any major sickness or injury.

So, there are all my reasons for not blogging for a while. Excluding, laziness.

What a boring post. Oh well.


Poor little bubby

Tonight was a very, very hard night as a mommy.

And I can’t sleep, because I’m finally relaxed and now I’m emotional. Fun.

Anyway, Sweet Pea and the little man came down with a cold. Sweet Pea’s was pretty minor, but bubby’s started out more serious. He was running a fever of nearly 102* and coughing. Sweet Pea got over it quickly, but our baby boy did not.

I THOUGHT he was ok last night, since his fever broke and he was acting like his crazy normal, let’s get into everything self, but today he was feeling bad. His fever spiked, and so I took him to the ER. I went a women and children’s hospital. (Which was fabulous) His pediatrician is only in on Mondays, and today the whole office closed at noon. We are switching offices, by the way.

The poor boy has pneumonia. My gut was telling me something was not right. My mom’s intuition has never been wrong, so I went with it.

But he was tortured in the process. How do you explain to a baby or even a toddler that all the procedures are necessary? 😦 He had to be tested for RSV and Flu – which meant sticking this swab up his nose. That was fun. Then he had 2 breathing treatments to help with the wheezing. He didn’t like it after the second one. Then the blood draw in his little vein. (The phlebotomist was great though) Then I thought the “easy” test – the X-Ray. But they put him in some kind of torture device and made me leave the room. I almost lost it.

This is the device.  (Pigg-o-Stat) Luckily, it was quick.

We waited for several hours for the results. Sweet Pea was awesome. We were in the ER for six hours, and she never had a meltdown. It did help that the nurses and doctors and staff were willing to play with her and talk to her. She loved it. She kept telling them she wanted to be a doctor. Oh, and why was she with me? Because Jason had duty. And he was forced to sit around and wait since he’s just there in case there is a SAR case. He was upset, understandably.

The worst part was the antibiotic shot.  It was intramuscular. Oh boy. He cried for 15 minutes. Nothing could calm him. I felt so damn helpless.

The good news is we caught it early. He didn’t have to be hospitalized, thank you God. He’s on antibiotics and breathing treatments at home.  He won’t let me put him down, and I don’t want to.. he had a very rough night.

Sweet Pea was exhausted. I bought her some ice cream while we were waiting on the pharmacy, and she asked me for her bed with her Dora tent please. We got home, and as I was changing her diaper, she said, please, I want to go to bed now!!

I love her.

So, I just wanted to update the family. Pray that we don’t have to make an ER visit for a long time. And it always seems to happen when Jason can’t come home or is on deployment…

I’m going to try and sleep. Hopefully typing this out calmed my nerves some… I hate seeing my babies sick.


Trying to stay positive

And its hard.

Everything has been so challenging lately. The flight here, the housing situation, the money problems, and some minor hotel issues.

Now you add in a fussy baby, and the doctor’s office being a total PAIN.

Then paying a lot of money for a car that you no longer want, and you wanted to use the extra money to PAY OFF the car, NOT put INTO IT.

I’m so over it, can I go back home now? I need a break from “paradise”.

The little man has a horrible diaper rash, most likely yeast. Usually Triple Paste is my go to when the kids have a rash. And it usually knocks it out within a day. Not this one. 😦 It’s so mean looking. So we decided to take him to the doctor. WHO KNEW it was going to be an ordeal. Jason has the van, so he had to make sure it was ok for him to take the baby. He’s an hour away from the hotel.

We called the doctor’s office, they can’t see him till MONDAY. Great. The reason I wanted him in soon is because on top of the rash he has been super fussy, wanting to eat nearly non-stop, and not sleeping more than an hour at a time. I just wanted him checked out.

So, whatever, we will just get a referral to see an urgent care.

They won’t give us one, since he’s not an established patient.


Fine, we’ll just pay it. I want him feeling better. Maybe we’ll get reimbursed.

Drive to place and was told they won’t see babies. (Really, you can just give me a quick ear check and a diaper rash check?! A non-pediatrician can’t handle that)

*super long, loud frustrated sigh*

So I gave in and called my mom, thankfully it was early enough where she wouldn’t be sleeping. She agreed it was probably a yeast infection, as my friend told me earlier.

I had to run to Wal-green’s, so we decide to ask the pharmacist what he recommends. Wal-green’s was in a kind of scary place. I’m not going to lie, its the first time I’ve felt uncomfortable since we got here.

Got an anti-fungal cream and that, with the combination of letting it air out, seems to be working already. Thank God. He slept a little better last night.

So crisis averted. He’ll still get checked out Monday since he missed his six-month appointment. And I would like to give a shout out to the hubby who informed them that we follow a delayed vaccine schedule – and that if they gave us a hard time we would be searching for a new office.

That’s the end of that.

The van, is killing me. I want to get rid of it, we’ve probably paid 800 bucks in gas alone, sine June 29th. Between the traffic and Jason’s commuting, and the fact that vans don’t get good gas mileage, its sucking us dry.  We wanted to pay it off and keep it, but we already decided we would pay it off as we try to sell it. So we can get a better, more fuel efficient vehicle. (I REALLY want the Volkswagen Jetta Sportswagen TDI and we will get it. Eventually.)

Moving on, the brakes are squealing like crazy. Jason takes it to Midas today, and the rotors and brakes pads are completely shot – in the front. Its going to cost us 850 bucks. Fun. Oh, did I mention we need new tires – which will cost us at least 500 bucks. Then the drum brakes will need to be replaced in the near future.

So the money I was PLANNING on using to pay off our car loan faster, will now be used to fix it.

Stupid van. It’s 3 years old, and I’m putting 2k into already.

Come on Volkswagen!!!!

The bright side is – we have the money. But I really wish we could use the money how we WANT to use the money. BLAH.

I’m done complaining, maybe.