Update on Sweet Pea. *gross*

Sweet Pea’s poor itty bitty toe.

Like I said before, iPad’s are dangerous.

I had taken her to the doctor to make sure nothing was broken and to see if they would need to drain under the toenail. The pressure was really hurting her. It wasn’t broken, and they told me to keep Tylenol in her and to soak it in ice water often for three days.

We tried it for a day, till she woke up screaming in pain at midnight. This mama made the decision to drain it herself. So I did some research, sanitized everything, and got to it. It bled for two days off and on. We soaked it in warm water to draw out more of the blood.

She immediately felt relief. She was able to walk without pain. Not to mention, she didn’t wake up screaming in pain again.

Then a regular blister formed underneath the nail a couple of days later and the pressure was hurting her again. I simply pressed on the nail gently and it popped. It was nasty.

We have kept it clean, dry, and sanitized as much as we can.

Now the toenail is falling off. She won’t let us rip it off, even though it is barely hanging on.. I might have to tackle her later since I know it no longer hurts her, she just hates the sight of her own blood.  haha

(she freaks out when she bleeds, it is amusing and a little annoying)

So here is a picture of her nasty toe. Hopefully it will fall off at bath time tonight.



Public service announcement!!

If an iPad drops on your toe, it will hurt. And if it drops just right on your four year old’s toe, it will do some serious damage.

Sweet pea got off the couch and the iPad slipped out of her hands. She cried a cry where I knew she was hurt badly. Immediately a blood blister formed under the nail and slowly throughout the day it got worse. I made her elevate it, tried to ice it, and gave her motrin for the pain.

Her whole nail is purple. I’m afraid it might fall off. She (understandably) won’t let me take the rest of the fingernail polish off to see the extent of the bruise/blister. So no closed shoes or ballet for a little while. Let’s hope it heals some before she starts her new dance class next week. (she gets to do tap AND ballet. She is so happy)

Here is a picture as further proof that iPads should never fall on one’s toe.


My Morning Started with a Bang!

At 12:30 am last night, I went to pee before going to bed and BAM, a cyst burst.

That is what landed me in the hospital for emergency surgery less than a month ago. I was a tad bit worried. I crawled down the stairs, downed a pain pill, and prayed that it was just going to be a long painful night that didn’t involve surgery.

Who would have thought I was hoping for “only” a normal cyst bursting.


I was up all night between pain and the pain pill making me feel high.

Then the kids woke up super early, just as I was getting some good sleep.

They wouldn’t watch a movie. Or rather. BUBBY wouldn’t. He kept climbing all over me.

I got up with them, got them breakfast, tried to doze off on the couch, and nope. Bubby wasn’t having that either.

Hubby and I planned a beach trip though, so I was feeling like I could walk without wanting to vomit, and got the kids and I ready. I go to put everything in the car so we can meet Jason, and realize I have no idea where my keys are…

I tore the place up and down trying to find them. My neat house is now a disaster area.

I called Jason, he remembers me putting them in the stroller when we took the kids to the zoo Tuesday. And the stroller was in the car, locked.


Jason heads home, which sucks because it is a 30 minute drive and we were supposed to meet him to save time.

I decide to try and get rid of my crankiness by taking the bickering, overtired children to the convenient store in our neighborhood for an icee.

The power is off.

My morning sucked.

BUT we finally made it to the beach. We had a great time, except when Bubby started to walk straight into the ocean without Jason or I. (Jason was swimming and I went to grab the beach chair to put it closer to the water). I caught the kid just as he went under.

Swimming lessons are now going to be a priority, that kid shaved 10 years off my life today.

The thought of it still makes me want to cry.

Here is hoping tomorrow will be a better, less frightening day.

An interesting Thursday

Last Wednesday afternoon I started feeling like I was ovulating. Sometimes it is painful due to having polycystic ovarian syndrome, sometimes I barely feel it. Wednesday it was painful.

I had plans to go shopping with some friends, so I popped a pain pill and tried to ignore the pain. Usually one percocet does the trick, not this time. Neither did a second one. Or motrin. But I went shopping because the pain was tolerable at that point.

I get home and start feeling worse. I could barely stand up without feeling like I am going to pass out. I got shaky and queasy and start having the chills every time I sat up or stood up. In addition, I could barely get my bladder relaxed enough to allow me to pee. Might be TMI, but that is not usually a symptom of a random cyst bursting. (Usually I have to pee a lot from all the fluid my body absorbs from the cyst)

Jason insists on me going to the hospital, I refuse. Usually when I have a cyst burst, the pain has dissipated by the time I get back to see a doctor. I go to bed, after having to literally crawl up the stairs. I finally wake Jason up at 3:30 am asking him to take me to the emergency room. He gets the kids ready, since we didn’t want to call anyone to watch them. (Most of our friends work during the day and this wasn’t a true emergency) Off we go. The closest hospital is literally across the street from the neighborhood we live in, so we go there instead of the big military hospital here in Honolulu.

I get to the ER and they send me to the back immediately. They hook me up with some morphine which finally takes the edge off the spasms, but I still can’t walk or sit up. They run the usual tests, I have to have a female exam where I almost come off the table when she presses on my uterus. So they suspect something is going on, with my female anatomy. (duh)

They take me to an ultrasound, they don’t see any free fluid from a cyst bursting, so they think it is my appendix. Only problem is, they can’t find it on the ultrasound, so they send me for a CAT scan. They can’t really see my appendix on it either. So they get a surgeon to come talk to me, they tell me they suspect my appendix, but either way, I am being admitted and will be having surgery that day, even if it is just exploratory surgery to find the reason for the pain.


They infomed me that my anatomy is different from most. Apparently my large intestines starts much lower than a normal person’s, so that is why they were having difficulty finding my appendix. My appendix was in the middle of my stomach and not in the lower right quadrant. They study my CAT scan results for a long time, conclude it is my appendix and get me a room upstairs.

It took forever to have my surgery. It was scheduled at 3, I didn’t go to pre-op till nearly five. And I am going to go on a mini-rant here. They were pumping me full of fluids since I was not allowed to eat or drink, which caused me to pee, constantly. This is a huge pain for someone who can barely stand up, but whatever. I understood the reason for it.

So I finally get to go in for my surgery. I hate going under anesthesia, it makes me so nervous. Plus I hate the damn tube they stick down your throat. They open me up and surprise, my appendix is completely normal. BUT I had a cyst burst and was bleeding internally. It wasn’t a lot of blood, but it was enough to irritate everything and cause all the pain. So they sucked all the blood and clots out and took my appendix while they were in there.

So yep.

PCOS strikes again. I KNEW it was a cyst, but the symptoms were so different than anything I’ve experienced in the past.  I’m very scared it can happen again, the surgeons told me it is a possibility. Plus the gynecologist they called in found another big cyst, so that could burst soon.


So, anywho, I felt so much better after the surgery, I could walk and pee normally again. Hallelujah. 😉 I’m sore, but am feeling 100% times better.

I have follow up appointments with both doctors – the surgeon and the gynecologist and I hoping to get some more answers.

The thing I am worried about is that I cannot take my Metformin till they test my kidney and liver functions. It is for some complicated reason from the X-Ray dye they inserted during the CAT scan. The metformin helps prevent cysts from forming. I don’t go to the doctor till the 17th. So please cross your fingers, pray, and hope that this doesn’t happen again. This was one of the most painful things I’ve gone through (besides giving birth with no drugs) and I really would love not to go through it again. haha

Thank you!