The Crazy Things that my children say..

I haven’t done this in forever. I’ve been trying to note my favorite sayings on my phone, because I want to keep it somewhere I can read when they are older. 🙂

A few weeks ago we were at a party where Sweet Pea informed me that “Doritos taste like fire.”

All righty then.

When we had Spartacus, we had Sweet Pea help us with his poop. Most of the time she would do it without saying anything, but one time she told me.. “But MOM, that’s not my favorite!!” And cleaning up poop is my favorite past time. Silly girl.

The kids and I went to Starbucks. I got them a water or juice, but Bubby wanted my coffee. I told him no, and then he says. “That’s mommy’s juice!” 🙂 Yes it is baby, mama needs her caffeine. haha

Sweet Pea informed Jason and I that she doesn’t like boys, “boys are gross, I only like dads”.

Can we keep it that way? We told her she can’t date till she is 35.

A couple of weeks ago we were preparing to go to the beach. I was taking my time cutting up strawberries and a pineapple to make a fruit bowl for the kids. Sweet Pea was not impressed. She told me I wasn’t doing it right, because my friend T, made her kids fruit kabobs. She informed me that I needed to buy sticks for the next time we went to the beach.

She is bossy, and I swear she gets that from her father.





HA! (She’s cursed, she gets it from both of us)

We were driving with the dog last week and Sweet Pea told us that the dog would like to listen to “Call Me Maybe”. This has been one of Sweet Pea’s favorite songs and asks for us to play it all the time. lol

Finally, this morning as I was getting them some cereal Sweet Pea asks me who makes the stove and refrigerator. Before I could answer her she said “I know! Elves make them, you know, the ones who make presents for kids. They make appliances then they put them in people’s homes while they are sleeping”. I have no idea where she gets her ideas. But they are super cute.

Like I’ve said before, things are rarely dull in our house. I’m sure Bubby will be coming up with his own soon. He’s is starting to talk our ears off, in a language we can understand.

Mommy bribed the kids with ice cream so she could get her grocery shopping done!


Why staying home is worth it. (Things my kid’s say and do #??)

I am incredibly fortunate that we can afford for me to stay at home with our children. Before giving birth to Sweet Pea I thought I would okay with possibly getting a job. Haha After she was born, it almost physically hurt to leave her. (Of course, now that they are both a little older, some grown-up time would be nice haha)

Anyway, I would miss so much stuff if I wasn’t home to enjoy it.

For example, an hour ago, Bubby grabbed a bowl from the cabinet, opened the pantry and grabbed some cereal. Then he proceeded to open up the cereal and pour it into his bowl (mostly successful in not spilling). He is a very determined little boy.

A couple of weeks ago we went to a local museum and walked through a cool tunnel lit up with neon stuff and black light. Sweet Pea grabs me hand and says “I am freaking.out!” She is 4 going on 15.

Sweet Pea also told me one day that she would like Santa to bring her a Pony. I’m sure that would be great for our yard that is not much bigger than a postage stamp. 😉

Bubby came up to me the other morning, grabbed my hair brush and started brushing my hair. After he was done he told me I looked pretty. (or pr-ee-y) Then said “hair out of eyes” and brushed my hair away from my face. He also tells me I look cute everytime I wear a skirt. ❤

We had to take the kids to the doctor a couple of weeks ago. They both had high fevers and were complaining that their throats hurt. So I told Sweet Pea where we were going, and she got upset, and said, “NO! I don’t want my belly cut!!” She was a little worried after my surgery and we had a long talk about it. Which ended up with her asking me where babies come from… that conversation will have to wait a few years. haha

Finally, here is a link to a video of Bubby’s versions of robot and motorcycle. (I don’t know how to embed videos without having to pay) It is worth it to click the link. He says “I’m done” when he realizes I am recording him.

Bubby’s version of Robot.

I have to get myself ready to take the kids to the movies… it should be interesting with Bubby.

My Morning Started with a Bang!

At 12:30 am last night, I went to pee before going to bed and BAM, a cyst burst.

That is what landed me in the hospital for emergency surgery less than a month ago. I was a tad bit worried. I crawled down the stairs, downed a pain pill, and prayed that it was just going to be a long painful night that didn’t involve surgery.

Who would have thought I was hoping for “only” a normal cyst bursting.


I was up all night between pain and the pain pill making me feel high.

Then the kids woke up super early, just as I was getting some good sleep.

They wouldn’t watch a movie. Or rather. BUBBY wouldn’t. He kept climbing all over me.

I got up with them, got them breakfast, tried to doze off on the couch, and nope. Bubby wasn’t having that either.

Hubby and I planned a beach trip though, so I was feeling like I could walk without wanting to vomit, and got the kids and I ready. I go to put everything in the car so we can meet Jason, and realize I have no idea where my keys are…

I tore the place up and down trying to find them. My neat house is now a disaster area.

I called Jason, he remembers me putting them in the stroller when we took the kids to the zoo Tuesday. And the stroller was in the car, locked.


Jason heads home, which sucks because it is a 30 minute drive and we were supposed to meet him to save time.

I decide to try and get rid of my crankiness by taking the bickering, overtired children to the convenient store in our neighborhood for an icee.

The power is off.

My morning sucked.

BUT we finally made it to the beach. We had a great time, except when Bubby started to walk straight into the ocean without Jason or I. (Jason was swimming and I went to grab the beach chair to put it closer to the water). I caught the kid just as he went under.

Swimming lessons are now going to be a priority, that kid shaved 10 years off my life today.

The thought of it still makes me want to cry.

Here is hoping tomorrow will be a better, less frightening day.

Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy!

Instead of throwing a birthday party for Sweet Pea, we decided for her to have a special experience instead. I had recently found out that you can eat with Disney characters at the new Aulani Disney resort. It is not just for hotel guests, it is for anyone who wants to go. You just have to make reservations in advance. And it not cheap. For three of us to eat (they didn’t charge for Bubby), it was 110 bucks with tip. I will say the breakfast is AWESOME. They had everything imaginable, even grits! The only thing I would change, is putting some salt into those grits. 😉

Luckily, they had openings 2 days after Sweet Pea’s birthday, my niece was going to be here, and Jason got off work.

It was a blast. Sweet Pea had no idea what we were doing for her birthday. All she knew is that she was going to have a special guest come (my sister’s family) and a special breakfast. She went crazy when she saw Mickey Mouse. As soon as she could, she ran up to him and gave him a big hug. She was so excited.

After taking pictures with Mickey we met up with Goofy.

Sweet Pea was too excited to eat, and wouldn’t eat until Minnie came up to our table. Finally she did and Sweet Pea freaked out and was so happy. It was worth every penny.

They sang Happy Birthday to her and the kids all got a special treat. And they had Auntie walking around, singing songs and playing games with the kids.

It took a while for Bubby to warm up, he was hungry and stupid me didn’t give him a snack before we left. Breakfast was late (11am) and he is used to eating as soon as he gets out of bed. I believe he had a good time, eventually. He liked to flirt with Minnie Mouse.

If you are in Hawaii and have children, you should definitely try to take them. They will LOVE it.

Happy Halloween from The Flintstones.

So, the kids dressed up as Pebbles and Bam Bam. 🙂 I modified one of Jason’s shirts and he put on a tie I got at Goodwill.

The kids were adorable, and we got lots of compliments on Bubby’s costume. He made the perfect Bam Bam. Sweet Pea loved her costume and modeled whenever she could.

The costumes were really cheap. I think I spent 12-14 bucks to make them both. My mom came up with the idea of using a pillowcase and I modified it a bit. Super easy, super cheap.

So here are our Halloween pictures. 🙂 We had a great time trick or treating and then eating with the “K” family. 🙂

We went to the Big Island!

Jason finally got a week off work and we decided to visit the Big Island of Hawaii. We had a blast. It was nice to relax, explore a new place, and not worry about school or work. We needed it as a family and have all been more relaxed since getting back.

We stayed in the Volcano Park at the military KMC Lodge. They have great rates for military, it goes by rank so it is affordable to everyone. I found a great coupon code online, and it was only 400 bucks for 5 nights in a 2 bedroom cabin with a full kitchen. We had room to spread out, the kids had room to play, and we saved money by eating in a lot. There are not many restaurants around the volcano park, so we did not have a lot of choices.

Did you know that the Big Island has active volcanos? We were hoping to see active lava flow, but it was difficult to get to with the children. The steam/smoke from the volcano can be toxic, so we were cautious about where we went. We did see an active crater at the Jagger Museum right up the road. It was amazing. (And COLD!)

We went on several hikes, saw some ancient Hawaiian drawings (petroglyphs), went to a black sand beach, a green sand beach, and visited a coffee farm.

The Big Island is entirely different from Oahu. First off, it is huge. You can fit all of the other islands of Hawaii onto the Big Island. We felt like we were back on the mainland. The landscape differs so much. You have the Hilo side, which is where the volcano is located. Most of that side is land made out of lava. It is black everywhere with some green mixed in. There is tons of hiking to do on this side, which Jason loved.  The beaches are not pretty, and it is cloudy all the time.

If you drive on Saddle Road to get to the other side of the island, you are on a long windy curvy road that looks like old farmland. There are ranches, cattle, wild turkeys, and the land is lush and green.

Once you get to the other side of the island, which takes about 2 hours – you are on the Kona side. It is a very pretty. It is clean and simple. The beaches were pretty, as most Hawaii beaches are, and it is sunny most of the time. There is a lot of history with King Kamehameha. (pronounced – Ka-maya-maya) We didn’t have much time to check out the museums and sites, so we’ll be back.

Apparently if you go up North it looks like Ireland.

We visited the Southern side of the island where the black and green sand beaches are located. Jason had a wonderful time because we rented a 4WD Jeep Wrangler. Tto get to the green sand beach you had to drive 2.5 miles on big sand dunes and rocks. He was in his element. The kids loved it too. I worried about us getting stuck and having to pay 100’s of dollars to get out or getting in trouble with the rental company. haha

It was great. I would definitely recommend going there (Over OAHU) if you are visiting Hawaii.

So here are some pictures… there are a lot. 🙂

Things my kids say and do… (#6)

Bubby’s personality is starting to come out more and more. He is such a sweet, funny, stubborn little boy. And definitely a mama’s boy who likes to flirt with the ladies.

A couple of weeks ago we had a new couple and their children come over for a cook out. When the husband came in the house Bubby INSISTED on him shaking his hand. No high fives, no waving – a hand shake was the only thing he was interested in.

With him being a mama’s boy, he wants to sit ON me or in my face all the time. It can get a little aggravating, but in a few years he’ll want nothing to do with me so I suck it up. Anyway. I was writing a paper the other night, and he kept trying to get in between the computer and myself. (To be fair I had been doing homework for hours at that point) I started singing because I was so tired and trying to stay awake. He would get up close to my face and go “SHHH!’ I would stop singing, he would giggle. I start singing again and he would go “Shhh!” and giggle. Repeat another 20 or so times till he drove me crazy.

He's so cute.

As I said before, the kid has a very determined attitude (STUBBORN). Bubby kept tossing a play bowling ball across the room.  It might not be real, but it is hard and I was scared it was going to crack or scratch the floors. We kept showing him that he needed to roll it and he ignored us. So Jason put the ball on top of the shelf in the playroom. The back of the shelf is even with a partition in the wall. Behind that wall I have my hope chest… The next day Bubby shoves the blanket covering it, climbs up on top of it, reaches over and pushes the ball to the playroom floor.

See the word Turbo on his butt. It's very appropriate. He doesn't stop moving!

I put it in the garage. 😉

Finally, he cracked us up the other night at dinner. Sweet Pea sneezed and Jason told her “God bless you!” Bubby looks over at him and goes, “God bless what?!” Jason and I burst out laughing. We still are not sure if that is what he meant, but it certainly sounded like it.

On to little Ms. Sweet Pea.

As I stated before, she has an obsession with carrying stuff with her everywhere she goes. We went shopping with a friend of mine, K. She brought her bunny, there was no talking her out of it. After several stores, we ate and then hit up Old Navy. She loses the bunny in Old Navy. I don’t realize it till I start to pull out of the parking lot. She freaks out and starts crying big crocodile tears “I want my bunny! I love my bunny! Please rescue my bunny! What if something happens to her? I’m so worried about my bunny!” After that sweet concern over her bunny I call K who is thankfully still near the store and she finds it. YAY K! 🙂 Sweet Pea is VERY grateful.

Sweet Pea has not taken her bunny out of the house since that day.

The other day I had to go to the doctor. Jason had to come with me in case I passed out, so of course, the kids come along. While we are in the waiting room Sweet Pea asks Jason is he has any dreams and he kind of ignores her since Bubby has run off (Which is normal, he wants to check out every square inch in a new place). So, she comes over to me, sits in a little kiddy chair across from me.

She looks me in the eye, and very calmly asks me “Mommy, did you have any bad dreams last night?” I tell her no. She then asks me “Well, did you have ANY dreams last night?”. I tell her that I did. She then puts her little hands in her lap and asks me like a therapist would, “Can you tell me about them? About your dreams? What happened? Are you okay? Do you want to talk about it?”

Need a hug?

Seriously. Where does she come up with that stuff. I told her that I could not remember them, but that I was okay and thanks for asking me.

We are headed to church last Sunday and Sweet Pea tells me that she loves my shoes. She asks me if they are my “grandma” shoes. Where did she get that from? My husband. Almost every pair of cute shoes to him are grandma shoes. (Then he tried to tell her when she gets older to buy comfortable shoes, even if they are ugly – NO WAY! )

On the same trip to church she asks me “Mommy, do you have underwears on?” I tell her I do, and then asks Jason if he has “underwears” on. Then proceeds to tell us that we should all wear our underwears all the time, because we are grown ups. “I wear underwears because I am a big girl, but Bubby doesn’t. He wears a diaper because he is a baby.”

Finally the other morning when we wake up she told me her tummy hurts. I ask her where it hurts, and she points to her belly “Right here, Mommy.” I asked if she had to go to the bathroom and she tells me “No, I have bones in my tummy. The bones are growing and that is why my tummy hurts. Every day I eat more food. The food makes my bones grow. So that is why my tummy hurts.”

Have to have nourishment for those growing bones. (Both my kids love tomatoes!)

I really should tell her there are no bones in your tummy, but I am scared to confuse her.

And now I am going to bed. I had a long weekend of paper writing. Two papers down, two more to go.

Another round of the things my kids say..

Last week the kids had small colds. Sweet Pea developed a low fever and came up to me and told me she didn’t feel well. I gave her a hug, and she told me “See! I have drips coming out of my eyes.” I asked if she meant tears and she said “NO MAMA! Drips! I have drips coming out of my eeeyyyyyeeeees!” Well, then.

She has been calling them drips all week, it is super cute and sweet.

Oahu has tons of wild chickens and roosters roaming around, so it is not unusual to see them, pretty much everywhere. The other day we were walking across the street to Wal-Mart and we saw a chicken. We pointed it out the kids. Sweet Pea says “Look at that chicken, can we eat it???”

I don’t know what it is about Sweet Pea and killing chickens. I remember when she was 18 months old. We took her to the zoo for the first time. She LOVED it. She especially loved the chickens. We pointed them out, and she said “Chicken, MMMmmm Yummy!”

As I was getting the kids pajamas on tonight Sweet Pea was telling me she was a princess and that I’m a queen. Bubby is a prince and Daddy is king. (Guess who told her all that?!) Anyway, I asked her what would we call a new baby if we were to have one.. she was stumped. She proceeded to tell me that we need to have a “sister” baby.*

Then she says “No, actually, we need to have a two babies. A sister baby and a brother baby. You can hold the brother baby and I can hold the sister baby.” I asked if her is she would mind if they stayed forever, she said no, and that she would share her princess stuff. She then informed me that we couldn’t have another baby till Bubby was older, because we already have a baby.

Bubby on the other hand is learning new words every day, but he gets down confused with up. Several times a day, he grabs my legs and goes “down? down?” I do love that he is communicating better, although he is not up to Sweet Pea’s level of vocabulary when she was this age.. but Sweet Pea hasn’t been quiet since she first learned to say “HHHHiiiiii” at 15 months.

*We are not planning on any babies in the near future, FYI. It was truly a hypothetical question.