Refinished Furniture and Other Items

My husband painted an old exersaucer into a Coast Guard C-130 airplane.

Refinishing furniture/items is the thing that Jason and I enjoy doing. Me more than Jason, but he is awesome at it. It saves money as well as making the furniture your own. 🙂 If you would be interested in the hubby and I doing some work for you, let me know through the comments or email. Thank you!

Before, planters.

Painting planters

The finished planters.

Table our Neighbor was Throwing Away. (Before)

Table, After.

Chairs our other neighbor was throwing away. No cushions.

Chairs After – Before we touched up the orange one.

Before picture of old sewing desk.

The inside of the drawers – don’t they look cool?

Side view of Desk.

After of desk – New paint, knobs, and stain to make it look aged.

Varnish on coffee table

Sanded down.

Finished Train Table, former coffee table.

Top of train table – This was sanded, primed, painted with two colors. Shined up original hardware.

Side of train table. My hubby does excellent work.

Before, wall of pictures.

After, Wall of Pictures. No new Frames, just old ones from around the house, painted.

The latest project – painting our worn out end tables. I did buy new knobs, but when I took this picture, I had not put it on there.


End table with new knob.

This is the dresser I scored on craigslist for FREE.

Free Dresser

We cut off the legs and I painted it, aged it some. I painted the originals knob, and replaced the handles because one of the original ones were broken. I painted the new handles to match the painted knobs.

Original drawer knobs.

Old handles, which would have been really pretty re-painted. So I kept the ones that weren’t broken.

The dresser finished. I painted the knobs and handles with metal spray paint, it is a charcoal color. They came out great.

All done.

Another View.


Ugly Window things.\


One thought on “Refinished Furniture and Other Items

  1. I distress and redo furniture too.. I love the blue dresser.. It’s my fav.. PS.. I love your curtains with the birds.. 🙂

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