The Crazy Things that my children say..

I haven’t done this in forever. I’ve been trying to note my favorite sayings on my phone, because I want to keep it somewhere I can read when they are older. πŸ™‚

A few weeks ago we were at a party where Sweet Pea informed me that “Doritos taste like fire.”

All righty then.

When we had Spartacus, we had Sweet Pea help us with his poop. Most of the time she would do it without saying anything, but one time she told me.. “But MOM, that’s not my favorite!!” And cleaning up poop is my favorite past time. Silly girl.

The kids and I went to Starbucks. I got them a water or juice, but Bubby wanted my coffee. I told him no, and then he says. “That’s mommy’s juice!” πŸ™‚ Yes it is baby, mama needs her caffeine. haha

Sweet Pea informed Jason and I that she doesn’t like boys, “boys are gross, I only like dads”.

Can we keep it that way? We told her she can’t date till she is 35.

A couple of weeks ago we were preparing to go to the beach. I was taking my time cutting up strawberries and a pineapple to make a fruit bowl for the kids. Sweet Pea was not impressed. She told me I wasn’t doing it right, because my friend T, made her kids fruit kabobs. She informed me that I needed to buy sticks for the next time we went to the beach.

She is bossy, and I swear she gets that from her father.





HA! (She’s cursed, she gets it from both of us)

We were driving with the dog last week and Sweet Pea told us that the dog would like to listen to “Call Me Maybe”. This has been one of Sweet Pea’s favorite songs and asks for us to play it all the time. lol

Finally, this morning as I was getting them some cereal Sweet Pea asks me who makes the stove and refrigerator. Before I could answer her she said “I know! Elves make them, you know, the ones who make presents for kids. They make appliances then they put them in people’s homes while they are sleeping”. I have no idea where she gets her ideas. But they are super cute.

Like I’ve said before, things are rarely dull in our house. I’m sure Bubby will be coming up with his own soon. He’s is starting to talk our ears off, in a language we can understand.

Mommy bribed the kids with ice cream so she could get her grocery shopping done!


Beware of Gummy Bears.

Gummy Bears soaked in vodka can be nasty things. Jason and I were invited to an 80’s party. Jason was in heaven since he loves the 80’s. After weeks of him contemplating what his costume would be, he decided on Boy George.

I went all out at the Thrift Store.

The night finally comes, our costumes look great, if I say so myself.


Our friend, E, comes over, we take pictures and get to the party, nearly an hour late. Anyway, the hostess soaked some gummy bears in vodka and thank GOD I do not like gummy bears. Everyone who ate a good amount of them got sick. 😦

First it was our friend T. Jason had asked me to get his some beer at the store down the street. A couple of friends come with, I go home to grab something. We are almost back to the party when T loses it in one of the car seats. It was only 10pm!! It was totally unlike her. We get her settled and then get back to the party.

I look to find Jason and find him in the corner about to puke. *sigh* I asked him how bad it was and he said “I gotta go”. Boo. He ends up walking out the door while puking in his hat. Then in the bushes.


So we load him up. I get him home and then decide to pick up the kids since Jason is home. I run to the baby-sitter’s house, who luckily lives in the same neighborhood. I take them back home. Put them on the couch with a movie and blankets while Jason is losing his dinner in the bathroom.

My friend, E, is still with me. We go back to the party in hopes to salvage some of the night. We get there and sit down and T’s husband starts feeling sickly. He kept telling us “I’m ready to go when you are”. He made it an hour before he had to go throw up.

So E and I end up leaving the party for good and hang out in the garage talking.

Have I mentioned how I hate puking?!

It was an “interesting” evening to say the least. And beware of gummy bears soaked in any alcohol. They are not your friends.

Let me tell you a spooky story..

Sweet Pea keeps us entertained, and her latest thing is to tell us spooky stories while we are eating dinner. I took a video of it the other night. This one was about a big dog and cake. πŸ™‚ She gets really into it.

And now that I have figured out to embed videos (WordPress and photobucket don’t mix), here is Bubby’s Be-bot video. πŸ™‚

We have some cute kids, if I say so myself.

Why staying home is worth it. (Things my kid’s say and do #??)

I am incredibly fortunate that we can afford for me to stay at home with our children. Before giving birth to Sweet Pea I thought I would okay with possibly getting a job. Haha After she was born, it almost physically hurt to leave her. (Of course, now that they are both a little older, some grown-up time would be nice haha)

Anyway, I would miss so much stuff if I wasn’t home to enjoy it.

For example, an hour ago, Bubby grabbed a bowl from the cabinet, opened the pantry and grabbed some cereal. Then he proceeded to open up the cereal and pour it into his bowl (mostly successful in not spilling). He is a very determined little boy.

A couple of weeks ago we went to a local museum and walked through a cool tunnel lit up with neon stuff and black light. Sweet Pea grabs me hand and says “I am freaking.out!” She is 4 going on 15.

Sweet Pea also told me one day that she would like Santa to bring her a Pony. I’m sure that would be great for our yard that is not much bigger than a postage stamp. πŸ˜‰

Bubby came up to me the other morning, grabbed my hair brush and started brushing my hair. After he was done he told me I looked pretty. (or pr-ee-y) Then said “hair out of eyes” and brushed my hair away from my face. He also tells me I look cute everytime I wear a skirt. ❀

We had to take the kids to the doctor a couple of weeks ago. They both had high fevers and were complaining that their throats hurt. So I told Sweet Pea where we were going, and she got upset, and said, “NO! I don’t want my belly cut!!” She was a little worried after my surgery and we had a long talk about it. Which ended up with her asking me where babies come from… that conversation will have to wait a few years. haha

Finally, here is a link to a video of Bubby’s versions of robot and motorcycle. (I don’t know how to embed videos without having to pay) It is worth it to click the link. He says “I’m done” when he realizes I am recording him.

Bubby’s version of Robot.

I have to get myself ready to take the kids to the movies… it should be interesting with Bubby.

Marry someone handy.

Thank God I married a man who enjoys working on stuff around the house. Just in the past few months, he has saved us a couple thousand of dollars. Our laptop had issues, he took it apart and fixed it. Our dryer wouldn’t turn on, he fixed it within 2-3 hours and it didn’t cost us a cent. Same thing with our washer last weekend.Β I cannot count the number of things this man has fixed in our almost nine years of marriage.

Speaking of marriage, we will have been married nine years today. Almost to the big TEN. πŸ™‚

Craziness. The time has flown by in the recent years.

I am thankful to have such a great husband. He might be forgetful, (Yes honey, I will not forget that you forgot Mother’s Day this year), but I am lucky to have him.

He is a wonderful father. He loves to play with the kids. He takes over parenting duties without me having to say a word. He teaches them so many things and hates when his babies don’t feel well.

He cleans, the kitchen. πŸ˜‰ He has to have a clean sink before bed. I only wash dishes when he is on duty or on deployments.

He spoils me. He will go without to get me or the children something. And honey, it would be nice if you would not make me feel guilty for wanting to do the same for you.

He works hard to make sure the kids and I have a good life. He provides well for our family and we appreciate it. I am also thankful that he is willing to work as hard as he does so I can stay home with our kids. The past four years have been some of the best in my life.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Even on the days where he drives me absolutely BONKERS, I am very grateful to be married to him. We’ve had our share of rough days, weeks, and even months, but we have come out stronger for fighting for our marriage. I am hoping we can be happy together for many, many, more years.

I love you, Jason. You’ve been my rock for the past nine years. I could not have asked for a better dad for our children. You are smart, caring, loving, and funny.

Happy Anniversary!

P.S. Thank you for being so handy. It makes the frugal part of me jump for joy. Not to mention is it very “manly”.


Before and After

I finally got my hair done. It has been nearly a year since I had it trimmed. So it was needed badly. I didn’t cut any length but I layered it up and got some fresh new highlights.

Yay for fresh hair that is not a mousy brownish blonde.


I LOVE new hair. Makes me feel pretty for a little while. πŸ˜‰

I’ll take care of you… unless

Unless you vomit.

If someone is bleeding, bring it on. I want to get a look at the injury. I’m fascinated with that stuff, one of the reasons I wanted to go in the medical field. The only time I get worried is when it involves my children, so please kids, don’t bleed. (Mommy doesn’t want to check out a wound to see if I can see your muscle or bone.)

If you vomit, I will not rub your back. (Unless maybe your my child.)

I will not clean your vomit from any surface.

I will run far, far away to avoid the smell and sound. If I can’t run, I will probably squeeze my eyes shut, sing really loud and try to plug my nose and my ears at the same time. And possibly be crying.

I HATE vomiting. Well, maybe, not hate it. I have an irrational fear of starting to puke and never stopping.

I haven’t puked since I was December of 2002. That’s how much I hate puking. I remember that last time I puked. That’s sad, that I know when I puked last.

I have no idea how I made it through both of my pregnancies without puking. I was SO queasy and nauseous. Constantly. It was horrible with Sweet Pea. I’ve been seasick, yet I will lay down in the boat or my husband’s lap and tell myself, “you are a huge wimp. You are NOT going to puke right now. SUCK IT UP!”

I’ve been drunk, and still won’t puke. Actually, I’ve never drunk so much where I’ve felt nauseous..maybe it is that fear of puking that makes me hold back when I actually do drink more than a glass of wine?

I guess I would rather feel queasy for 2-3 hours, or more, than puke one time and feel 1000 times better.

I didn’t say it made sense.


There was a short and weird virus that hit our household last week. First Sweet Pea had it. She wouldn’t eat, but that’s not saying anything, eating has become a small battle in her house. Then I asked her if she wanted to play outside and she told me “NO!!”.Β That made my radar go off, check her forehead and she is burning up. She has a fever of 101. And that was the only symptom, besides being tired and grumpy.

Then, of course, a day later, Bubby starts acting off, I check his temperature, it’s 102! He is miserable. He seems to have been hit harder with it, all he wanted to do was lay on top of me.

That night, he puked upstairs. Thankfully, I was not around for this and Jason was the one who saw it. (he puts that kids to bed)

And to tell you the truth, I was scared to get in bed with my son. I was scared he was going to puke.

Which he did!!

He woke me up at 4am out of a sound sleep, he was gagging in his sleep. I immediately freak the heck out. I bounce out of bed, going, “oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. Help me. He’s going to puke.”

I am torn, should I stay with him and try to catch the puke? Get a towel, but will I make it back in time? What if he pukes in the bed? Β Is he going to choke since he is still sleeping? At this point, I am almost crying for fear that I’m going to have to clean up puke. Not that my son feels bad, but because I have to clean up his puke.

*sigh* I am a horrible mother.

It wasn’t that bad though, I run to get a towel, I hear him gagging then swallow the puke down. (Holy Moly). I almost lost it.

What the heck am I going to do if a stomach virus hits this house? Well, I know what I would do.. I would go far, far away, and let Jason handle it. (Just kidding! Kind of.) But what if Jason isn’t home to help me. Does some mother instinct kick in to help the fear of puke?!

I honestly prayed that my kids would get the stomach of steel from me. That was one of my hopes when I was pregnant. I’m dead serious. I don’t remember having stomach viruses, I know my sister did. I was the sickly one who kept getting strep and mono.. she would get a stomach virus once a year. I would rather have strep throat.

Please tell me I’m not the only mom out there who has this same fear.

And to my friends, family, acquaintances, if you ever have a stomach virus float through your home, know that I will not be visiting you and your home till I know it is safe.

P.S. If you hate vomiting too, don’t google “no puking symbol”. All I can see in my head are images of people puking. God help me.

Another installment of Things my kids do and say..

Bubby always keep my on my toes. If he is quiet, I better go find out what he is doing.

Today we were saying goodbye to our first friends we made in Hawaii. :(:(:( The kids and I were in the parking lot waiting for Jason. We stood beside a light pole and the kids were acting like they were climbing up it. Then my friend K asked what was all over Bubby’s face.. it was PAINT. Β It was all over his face, shirt, hands… and hair.

*sigh* I can’t figure out if it was fingernail polish or acrylic paint. It was bright pink. I was scared it was going to end up tinting his hair pink. Not very manly. haha I knew Jason would want us to cut it, so “I googled paint in hair” and called my mama. πŸ˜‰ Thanks to Olive Oil and Dawn dish soap, his sweet blonde hair was back to normal.

Look, mom.

The hair. EEK.

Thank goodness.

Oh, and if he wants any type of sweet – he will let you know it. Whether it be a cookie, candy, graham cracker, or cake. It is “I want cake!!. Pease I want cake!” He is relentless. haha

Moving on to our Sweet Pea.

I asked Jason to run to the store and pick up a new charger for the laptop. While he was there I called him to get me some clear fingernail polish. He takes the kids with him, when they get back Sweet Pea asks me “Why did we get you water for your fingernails?”

In the same conversation, she told me that she should not talk to strangers. She told us “If a stranger tries to give me candy, I am supposed to yell ‘NO!’ and then run away and get you guys. Then you guys will beat him up, maybe till he dies.” I have no idea where she got the idea that we would beat someone till they died, but at least she knows not to talk to strangers.

So cute. πŸ™‚

Oh, and she cut her bangs. Luckily they weren’t too short where I couldn’t fix them.

Every time she wants to know how old someone is, she asks “what number is she/he?”

Finally, Sweet Pea has been obsessed with Curious George lately. They recently watched an episode where George and one of his friends went through the human body. So when Sweet Pea came down with a cold, she proceeded to tell me about germs. She said “Mommy, I am sick. I have a bad germ in my body. He is blue. The good germs, they are green. They are kicking the blue germ really, really hard.”

Life would be so boring without these two.

Things my kids say…

I haven’t done one of these in a long time.

Stuck in the walker that Baby S was supposed to use... haha

And I have sucked at blogging lately. I just started a new semester in school, I am in the process of switching to a new school to a program that better suits my career choice (I’ve FINALLY decided I want to be a certified personal financial planner, I love budgets!). Sweet Pea and Jason went to a father daughter dance, pictures coming soon. And we got a DOG. Recently, I’ve also come down with a slight tummy bug which is kicking my butt. So I’ve been just a tiny bit busy.

Anyway, here we go.

Sweet Pea told us that she had to turn the ceiling fan on, I asked her why, she said “Because I tooted and it stinks!!”

Sweet Pea recently got a Melissa and Doug wooden pizza maker, its really cute. So she was pretending to call me on her phone from her play kitchen asking what kind of pizza I wanted. She stopped me mid-sentence and said “Hold on, the pizza maker has to poop!”

I was cleaning the floors a couple of weeks ago. Something I do 3-4 times a day, thanks to my lovely son who is one of the messiest kids on the planet. She told me, “Don’t worry about it Mommy, we are human vacuum cleaners.” Then proceeds to pick up cheerios off the floor and try to eat them. The thought was sweet, but no, we don’t eat food off the floor.

We were at the dinner table a week or so ago, and we were joking around. Sweet Pea raises up her little fist, and goes “Want a piece of this?!”. Thank you, Aunt M, for teaching her that. haha πŸ™‚

Finally, today we were walking out to get Burger King. I know, I am a bad mommy, but I cannot fix them dinner while I am in the bathroom half the day.. so I let her hold the money. She said, “what number is this? 20? I don’t like 20’s! I like 100’s!”. Β Good girl, aim high.

I do have to add a couple of cute tid bits with Bubby. He is talking more clearly every day. We tell him I love you, and he says – “love you too” Even when he is the one who says it first – it is always – love you too. Never, I love you. It is cute though.

And when he kisses you, he grabs you face with both his hands and goes MMMMMMMMMUUUUAAAHHHHHHHH! Seriously, the cutest thing ever.

I will add one more sweet thing Sweet Pea told me today. She came up to me after nap time and told me she had “drips” in her eyes. I asked her why, she told me “Because I miss all my family and friends in North Carolina. That’s where I belong.” Talk about breaking my heart. Most days I am thankful for Jason’s career in the Coast Guard, but moments like that make me wish we had a private jet and lots of money.