FINALLY. It is done.

Let’s just say, this armoire was a lot bigger project than what we had anticipated. A lot of stuff happened. A lot of laziness was involved. This was solid wood, heavy, and enormous.

But it is done.

Let’s hope it sells quickly, so we can get it out of our garage. And I can work on projects, much smaller projects. Ones that I can handle without needing two men to move it around the garage. 😉


The things inside the doors of the top. They were ugly, it looked like barb wire.


This was much uglier, and much darker in person. MUCH.

After. Two different colors.

This is the same color as the top, but the motorcycle is making the light weird.






Some craft projects

I haven’t posted in a week or so.. Whoops. I guess that is what happens when you have two time consuming classes. I’m still hating English Class. Statistics is pretty easy, but it takes forever to do some of the problems.

I did some craft projects while I had a small break between classes. I did some with the kids and some for myself. I SHOULD have been doing my jewelry stamping.. redecorating was more fun. haha

Here are some footprint butterflies we did with the kid’s. I blanked out their names, but I think they turned out super cute. 🙂

I also repainted our picture frames as well as updated the photos inside. So here at the before pictures of the living room and dining room.

How things have changed… Not just with our pictures. Look at little Bubby in his jumperoo. 

Now if someone could help me find some curtains I like?! I really want something colorful, but only certain colors.

And finally, I made a tray decorated with buttons. I mod-podged it to keep them in place.

And seriously, if anyone can find some red/teal/green/cream curtains. Let me know.

I’ll have to post a real post later. It’s past my bedtime.