iPhone pictures

Here are some recent pictures I have taken of the kids and Hawaii.



































May Photos

Here are the photos from May. I took most of them with my iPhone since I was too lazy to bring my nice camera everywhere. We managed to have some good times between surgeries, sicknesses, and cysts bursting. haha

Sweet Pea’s Adventures

Sweet Pea had quite an eventful couple of weeks. She started ballet class and went to a father daughter dance thrown by some friends.

She is LOVING dance class. She gets so excited whenever she knows that class is the next day.  I do plan on signing up Bubby for tumbling class. He is on the waiting list. 🙂

Jason and Sweet Pea had a blast at the dance. Although, Jason said she only wanted to dance by herself. I guess she had to show off her moves. 😉 They did a fun craft, got flowers, lei’s, and a pretty necklace. I know it is something she will remember for years to come.

Here are the pictures from dance class and the father/daughter dance.


Stupid Weather.

I live in Hawaii. The land of sunny days and little rain, at least here on Oahu.

It has been raining, and raining, and raining. And cloudy. Then a few hours of sunshine. Some sprinkles while the sun is shining. To cloudy. Now we are supposed to get another huge storm tonight and tomorrow.

This time, there will be strong winds, possibly hail, and most likely some flooding in certain areas.  Fun!

I’m tired of the rain.

I am usually all for the rain, but I have got things to do, and they involve being outside. I need to finish the hutch, but the rain is preventing that from happening. A) It’s too humid for paint to dry. B) the kids will be under my feet trying to “help” because they can’t go outside of the garage and play.

Rain, could you give us a few days to dry out, then come back, please? Come back when I bogged down with schoolwork and am forced to be inside on the computer.

Jason actually has most of the weekend off, so we could have gotten a lot accomplished on that hutch AND have a day for family fun. That is so rare, but I doubt it will happen. I’m going to cross my fingers and hope for the best.

Such a hard life we have, I know. Most people are dealing with crazier weather than we are, but this type of weather is just so RARE here. I’ve gotten a wee bit spoiled, I believe.

Okay, I’m done venting.

If we can’t go anywhere tomorrow, let’s hope we can convince the kids that sleeping while it rains is awesome. 😉 Or at least let us catch up on our tv shows. 😉

Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy!

Instead of throwing a birthday party for Sweet Pea, we decided for her to have a special experience instead. I had recently found out that you can eat with Disney characters at the new Aulani Disney resort. It is not just for hotel guests, it is for anyone who wants to go. You just have to make reservations in advance. And it not cheap. For three of us to eat (they didn’t charge for Bubby), it was 110 bucks with tip. I will say the breakfast is AWESOME. They had everything imaginable, even grits! The only thing I would change, is putting some salt into those grits. 😉

Luckily, they had openings 2 days after Sweet Pea’s birthday, my niece was going to be here, and Jason got off work.

It was a blast. Sweet Pea had no idea what we were doing for her birthday. All she knew is that she was going to have a special guest come (my sister’s family) and a special breakfast. She went crazy when she saw Mickey Mouse. As soon as she could, she ran up to him and gave him a big hug. She was so excited.

After taking pictures with Mickey we met up with Goofy.

Sweet Pea was too excited to eat, and wouldn’t eat until Minnie came up to our table. Finally she did and Sweet Pea freaked out and was so happy. It was worth every penny.

They sang Happy Birthday to her and the kids all got a special treat. And they had Auntie walking around, singing songs and playing games with the kids.

It took a while for Bubby to warm up, he was hungry and stupid me didn’t give him a snack before we left. Breakfast was late (11am) and he is used to eating as soon as he gets out of bed. I believe he had a good time, eventually. He liked to flirt with Minnie Mouse.

If you are in Hawaii and have children, you should definitely try to take them. They will LOVE it.

Snorkeling and Fun in Hawaii!

I need something to lighten my mood up. My sister, brother in law, and niece came into town. I really hope they enjoyed themselves, even though it rained the majority of the time they were here. 😦

We actually had a new experience and FINALLY went snorkeling at Hanauma Bay. I loved every second of it. Jason enjoyed himself too. We are going to try and do it more often. It is not something that is family friendly though, at least families with small children. I prefer to have someone by my side when swimming. I am not the world’s strongest swimmer. Plus most places are very rocky and the reef that can be damaged. I don’t want my kids or the reef to be harmed. Definitely going to have to get a baby-sitter soon and go to another snorkeling spot.

My sister’s family tried to do everything they could. I just wish the weather would have been nicer. The beaches are so much prettier when the sun is out.

We all tried Donkey Balls for the first time. They were yummy and expensive. The kids really liked the dingle berries. hahahaha

Anyway, it was a good time. It was wonderful for my niece and Sweet Pea to play. They even had sleepovers in Sweet Pea’s room. It makes me a little sad though, I really wish we lived closer to our family. What can you do? It is something we knew would happen with Jason being in the Coast Guard.

Here are some pictures that we took snorkeling, and other stuff. 🙂 If you every come to Hawaii, snorkeling needs to be one your bucket list!!

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We went to the Big Island!

Jason finally got a week off work and we decided to visit the Big Island of Hawaii. We had a blast. It was nice to relax, explore a new place, and not worry about school or work. We needed it as a family and have all been more relaxed since getting back.

We stayed in the Volcano Park at the military KMC Lodge. They have great rates for military, it goes by rank so it is affordable to everyone. I found a great coupon code online, and it was only 400 bucks for 5 nights in a 2 bedroom cabin with a full kitchen. We had room to spread out, the kids had room to play, and we saved money by eating in a lot. There are not many restaurants around the volcano park, so we did not have a lot of choices.

Did you know that the Big Island has active volcanos? We were hoping to see active lava flow, but it was difficult to get to with the children. The steam/smoke from the volcano can be toxic, so we were cautious about where we went. We did see an active crater at the Jagger Museum right up the road. It was amazing. (And COLD!)

We went on several hikes, saw some ancient Hawaiian drawings (petroglyphs), went to a black sand beach, a green sand beach, and visited a coffee farm.

The Big Island is entirely different from Oahu. First off, it is huge. You can fit all of the other islands of Hawaii onto the Big Island. We felt like we were back on the mainland. The landscape differs so much. You have the Hilo side, which is where the volcano is located. Most of that side is land made out of lava. It is black everywhere with some green mixed in. There is tons of hiking to do on this side, which Jason loved.  The beaches are not pretty, and it is cloudy all the time.

If you drive on Saddle Road to get to the other side of the island, you are on a long windy curvy road that looks like old farmland. There are ranches, cattle, wild turkeys, and the land is lush and green.

Once you get to the other side of the island, which takes about 2 hours – you are on the Kona side. It is a very pretty. It is clean and simple. The beaches were pretty, as most Hawaii beaches are, and it is sunny most of the time. There is a lot of history with King Kamehameha. (pronounced – Ka-maya-maya) We didn’t have much time to check out the museums and sites, so we’ll be back.

Apparently if you go up North it looks like Ireland.

We visited the Southern side of the island where the black and green sand beaches are located. Jason had a wonderful time because we rented a 4WD Jeep Wrangler. Tto get to the green sand beach you had to drive 2.5 miles on big sand dunes and rocks. He was in his element. The kids loved it too. I worried about us getting stuck and having to pay 100’s of dollars to get out or getting in trouble with the rental company. haha

It was great. I would definitely recommend going there (Over OAHU) if you are visiting Hawaii.

So here are some pictures… there are a lot. 🙂

Mommy Brain and The Droid X.

So, I’ve been updating our family photos, as well as the frames.( I can’t wait till I’m done painting them.. because it is going to look awesome.) I needed some more pictures and one more frame. So I go online and put in a photo order for the closest Wal-Mart. BUT they aren’t accepting online orders.. so I decide to go to the next town over.. a whole 3 miles away. Not a big deal.

We leave the house, get some Subway – where Bubby proceeds to drive me up the wall. They have no high chairs in that particular Subway and he doesn’t eat much for lunch. So once he had his 4 bites, he was done and wanted to play. He kept trying to rip the photos of veggies off the wall.

Then we set off for Wal-Mart. The address said Waipahu, ok great. I know my way around there some, but I do not remember a Wal-Mart being there. I drive around for 30 minutes trying to find this stupid Walmart. I look it up on my navigation app on my phone. It does not exist, according to Google maps.

So I pull off on the side of the road, find the address, write it down. I plug it into my Droid X, start going and then it freezes up. I have to restart the phone FOUR times. I’m in an area where I have never been before, and the stupid phone keeps freezing up. The kids are over being in the car, who can blame them after an hour and a half of me pulling over constantly, trying to find this stupid Wal-Mart.

So I go to my trusty little map and figure it out. The Waipahu Wal-mart is NOT in Waipahu, it is in Kunia. Which is 3 exits pasts the Waipahu exit.

We FINALLY get there, take Sweet Pea potty since she was doing the pee pee dance. I go to the photo counter and ask for my order…..

They can’t find it. They look it up on the computer and they couldn’t find my name.

Turns out, my smart self did not complete the order. I was one step away from completing the order process. I called my mom and had her finish it for me at the Walmart I wanted to go to..

So it took me nearly 3 hours to get 8 pictures. Eight four by six pictures. Not even big enlargements. Who knows how much gas I wasted to buy a buck fifty in pictures.

I feel so scatterbrained..

Just like when I leave the washer lid open so it runs a full cycle without actually washing the clothes.

Or not submitting a credit card payment because I forget to press the submit button. (What is with me and the submit button)

Or forgetting to call the gym to sign the kids up for gymnastics.

Gotta love Mommy Brain.

And my phone, can suck it.

Yep, I’m going to whine.

I try not to complain too much about my husband’s job. We have it pretty easy, compared to most military families. My husband doesn’t go overseas (unless he volunteers). He’s not on a boat, patrolling the waters for weeks or months at a time. His deployments are usually voluntary. His job can be inconvenient, but I’ll take inconvenient over not seeing him for months.

The inconvenient part is his duty schedule. He stands duty every four days. The type of duty varies, but usually it involves an overnight stay, in case of a Search and Rescue case (SAR). I usually do not make big plans for the weekend when he has duty, because he could be sent to a number of places that are all very far away.

The ONE time I make plans, something happens. It’s that damn Murphy’s Law. I signed up for a photography workshop with a great photographer who was going to be visiting Hawaii. (Simply B Photos, she takes gorgeous pictures) I wanted to learn how to use all the settings and such on my camera. I don’t have time to take weeks of courses, so a one day class would have been perfect. And to be clear, I’m not trying to be a photographer myself. I want to know how to operate my camera and take great pictures of the kids.

Anyway, I checked the calendar because this class was in six weeks. Perfect, Jason didn’t have duty that day or even the day before. Yay! Insert me getting excited.

Then we find out some friends are going to the CG Ball. It was the same day as the workshop. I wanted a reason to get all dressed up and pretty, so we decided to go.. and we were lucky enough to win tickets. All we had to do was pay for childcare.


I spend weeks preparing the for the Coast Guard Ball. I find a great dress on clearance. Spend a whole day driving the family around the island to find the perfect shoes. Blah blah blah. Anyway, lots of time and money went into this.. lots of time.

Then Jason gets sent way out in the Pacific Ocean very early Friday morning. An 8 hour flight to the place of the SAR. He wasn’t even supposed to be flying that day, but his duty was switched at the last minute.


Meaning he MIGHT get back in time for the ball, but there was no way I was going to the photography workshop. Which bummed me out more than not going to the ball, honestly. I was so excited to know the fancy stuff on my fancy camera finally was.. I email Amy, and I get a refund, which is a load off my mind.

Then I get a phone call from Jason saying they are leaving early Saturday morning and should make it in time for the ball. YAY.

I proceed to finish deep cleaning my house (frustration makes me clean!), stay up way too late doing it. Excited about FINALLY getting a long date night with my husband.

Today, I get the kids bathed and ready. Feed them lunch, then lay them down for a nap so I can get ready. I finally figure out how I am going to do my hair. It took me forever because my hair is at an awkward stage and hard to put in an updo (Spin pins are awesome, BTW). I try my best to get my make up to look perfect. I notice it is getting close to 4, so Jason’s plane should be landing ANY MINUTE. So I squeeze myself into some spanx, get my dress and jewelry on and I am ready to go.

Four o’clock turns into four thirty. Dinner starts at six, we have time. Then five o’clock comes along… um, he’s cutting it close. He’s still flying. I finally give up at six, since that is when the dinner started. I take off my pretty dress, squeeze out of the Spanx and try not to cry with disappointment.

I decide to take the kids to get food since we were supposed to eat at the ball. I finally get a call from Jason at 7pm. *sigh*

The one weekend I had plans and it all goes down the toilet. Any other weekend, it would have inconvenient for my husband not to come home for 2 days, but nothing the kids and I haven’t done before. All because someone had to switch duty schedules.

SO frustrating. Why this weekend? Why not next weekend or the weekend before that?

And what topped it off is when Bubby tossed his sippy cup (gotta love toddlers and their love of throwing things), which proceeded to smack me in the mouth, bust my gum line and give me a fat lip. I started bawling. All that frustration and disappointment came flooding out.

Oh boy.

No cool photography workshop. No getting dressed up with my hubby. *sigh* It just wasn’t meant to be.. It could be a lot worse, I know.

I really hate when things are out of my control, but that’s just part of being a Coast Guard wife. Semper Gumby, right?