iPhone pictures

Here are some recent pictures I have taken of the kids and Hawaii.



































Do you think she’s ready for the fashion world?

I know I have not updated in forever and that is just because I’ve been extremely lazy.

Here are some pictures of my 4 year old, Sweet pea. I pulled out the camera phone and she posed for a straight minute without any prompting from her father and I.

Watch out world. She is going to
the next supermodel. πŸ˜‰












Sweet Pea’s Adventures

Sweet Pea had quite an eventful couple of weeks. She started ballet class and went to a father daughter dance thrown by some friends.

She is LOVING dance class. She gets so excited whenever she knows that class is the next day. Β I do plan on signing up Bubby for tumbling class. He is on the waiting list. πŸ™‚

Jason and Sweet Pea had a blast at the dance. Although, Jason said she only wanted to dance by herself. I guess she had to show off her moves. πŸ˜‰ They did a fun craft, got flowers, lei’s, and a pretty necklace. I know it is something she will remember for years to come.

Here are the pictures from dance class and the father/daughter dance.


Haven’t done this in a while.

Picture post – some recent pictures of the family. πŸ™‚

Some photos from October

Here are some photos from October, for family, I PROMISE I will put them up on walmart.com so you can order prints if you would like… I keep forgetting.

So now that’s over with..

Sorry about my earlier rant.

I will now post pictures of my sweet miracle babies. There is quite a few since I haven’t uploaded any in a while. We went to the air show the other day and all of us enjoyed it.

And Sweet Pea got a new hair cut. It came out really cute! πŸ™‚

Update on our family, for the folks back home.

Hey everyone!

I finally have a few minutes to post! Yay for me! (Actually some people just got in the room next door and are extremely loud, so I couldn’t sleep.)

Hawaii is different. Its going to be a great experience for ALL of us. So far, we are enjoying our time here. We have tons of things to do and areas to explore. We aren’t rushing into anything, since we WILL be on an island for four years. So we haven’t done much sightseeing. Not to mention, we have things to take care of, like finding a house, changing healthcare stuff, car insurance, (possible buying a new car so we can get some better gas mileage for the horrible stop and go traffic!), and just getting to know the island.

The beaches are gorgeous, we’ve only been once though.

The mountains are even more gorgeous.

The weather is great, hot but with a nice breeze almost constantly.

We’ve meet a few people from the coastie chick website I am a part of, which is great to get to meet people. Getting to know people and making friends, makes a move a lot easier.

Adjusting to the time schedule has been a struggle. Sweet Pea has been a little bit of a terror, but understandably so! This week has been a little easier, and she is getting to be her normal self. I believe she still is dealing with some jet-lag because she tires a lot more easy.. or she still could be adjusting to the time change. She does ask for everyone back home, which breaks Jason and I’s hearts, but that’s part of being a military family.

Our little man is doing great. He was a little cranky today, but otherwise had adjusted very well. He’s starting to sit up on his own and grab everything in sight. He’s going to keep us on our toes.

Jason loves his new station so far. He knows several guys from his last unit, so that has made his transition a little easier. Everyone has been super helpful and informative. His unit is on the other side of the island from our hotel, which makes for a very long commute. It’s only 25 miles or so, but it can take up to 2 hours to go one way, depending on traffic in Waikiki. He’s very much looking forward to getting into a home and out of Waikiki. Right now, he’s on a 10 day house-hunting leave so he’s gotten a small break from commuting.

I am doing okay. It’s been rough not being able to pick up the phone and call/text

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Β friends and family whenever I want. I love Hawaii so far, and have been doing tons of walking around with the kids. I am looking forward to making some friends and getting the kids involved in play groups and such. I will also be looking into college when we finally get settled.

We still don’t have a house, but we are on the waiting list for Army housing. They said it would be a short wait (whatever that means), and we are going by navy housing tomorrow. We are hoping to be out of the hotel at the end of the month.

Hotel living. SUCKS. Well, it sucks with children in the mix. It would be wonderful if it was Jason and I, but we are making the best out of it. Luckily there is lots to look at and do within short walking distances so that helps when Jason is at work.

That pretty much sums it up for now.

We miss you all and love you all. Please keep in touch, and we are going to try our best to keep in touch with everyone.

I’ll leave you with some pictures! Hugs and kisses!!

Picture Post – Because the little man wanted attention

Things are going good here, back home.

Sweet Pea is loving visiting everyone. We’ve been going almost every single day. That’s why I haven’t been posting, reading blogs, or even seeing comments (woo hoo – I have comments!)

This time is a little bittersweet. We are all enjoying our time visiting, playing, eating. πŸ˜‰ We are definitely going to miss our family so much, but a part of me is really looking forward to Hawaii. I’m excited to be able to take the kids to do fun things, parks that aren’t in the middle of a landfill (true story), have an aquarium or zoo within a decent driving distance, and meeting new playmates. πŸ™‚

Anyway, my little man is calling. He is more than ready to go to bed.