Update on Sweet Pea. *gross*

Sweet Pea’s poor itty bitty toe.

Like I said before, iPad’s are dangerous.

I had taken her to the doctor to make sure nothing was broken and to see if they would need to drain under the toenail. The pressure was really hurting her. It wasn’t broken, and they told me to keep Tylenol in her and to soak it in ice water often for three days.

We tried it for a day, till she woke up screaming in pain at midnight. This mama made the decision to drain it herself. So I did some research, sanitized everything, and got to it. It bled for two days off and on. We soaked it in warm water to draw out more of the blood.

She immediately felt relief. She was able to walk without pain. Not to mention, she didn’t wake up screaming in pain again.

Then a regular blister formed underneath the nail a couple of days later and the pressure was hurting her again. I simply pressed on the nail gently and it popped. It was nasty.

We have kept it clean, dry, and sanitized as much as we can.

Now the toenail is falling off. She won’t let us rip it off, even though it is barely hanging on.. I might have to tackle her later since I know it no longer hurts her, she just hates the sight of her own blood. ¬†haha

(she freaks out when she bleeds, it is amusing and a little annoying)

So here is a picture of her nasty toe. Hopefully it will fall off at bath time tonight.



Public service announcement!!

If an iPad drops on your toe, it will hurt. And if it drops just right on your four year old’s toe, it will do some serious damage.

Sweet pea got off the couch and the iPad slipped out of her hands. She cried a cry where I knew she was hurt badly. Immediately a blood blister formed under the nail and slowly throughout the day it got worse. I made her elevate it, tried to ice it, and gave her motrin for the pain.

Her whole nail is purple. I’m afraid it might fall off. She (understandably) won’t let me take the rest of the fingernail polish off to see the extent of the bruise/blister. So no closed shoes or ballet for a little while. Let’s hope it heals some before she starts her new dance class next week. (she gets to do tap AND ballet. She is so happy)

Here is a picture as further proof that iPads should never fall on one’s toe.