My Morning Started with a Bang!

At 12:30 am last night, I went to pee before going to bed and BAM, a cyst burst.

That is what landed me in the hospital for emergency surgery less than a month ago. I was a tad bit worried. I crawled down the stairs, downed a pain pill, and prayed that it was just going to be a long painful night that didn’t involve surgery.

Who would have thought I was hoping for “only” a normal cyst bursting.


I was up all night between pain and the pain pill making me feel high.

Then the kids woke up super early, just as I was getting some good sleep.

They wouldn’t watch a movie. Or rather. BUBBY wouldn’t. He kept climbing all over me.

I got up with them, got them breakfast, tried to doze off on the couch, and nope. Bubby wasn’t having that either.

Hubby and I planned a beach trip though, so I was feeling like I could walk without wanting to vomit, and got the kids and I ready. I go to put everything in the car so we can meet Jason, and realize I have no idea where my keys are…

I tore the place up and down trying to find them. My neat house is now a disaster area.

I called Jason, he remembers me putting them in the stroller when we took the kids to the zoo Tuesday. And the stroller was in the car, locked.


Jason heads home, which sucks because it is a 30 minute drive and we were supposed to meet him to save time.

I decide to try and get rid of my crankiness by taking the bickering, overtired children to the convenient store in our neighborhood for an icee.

The power is off.

My morning sucked.

BUT we finally made it to the beach. We had a great time, except when Bubby started to walk straight into the ocean without Jason or I. (Jason was swimming and I went to grab the beach chair to put it closer to the water). I caught the kid just as he went under.

Swimming lessons are now going to be a priority, that kid shaved 10 years off my life today.

The thought of it still makes me want to cry.

Here is hoping tomorrow will be a better, less frightening day.

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