Boo, hiss. BLAH.

I was so excited to go to my doctor’s appointment today to get the okay to do everything my little heart desired. I wanted to work out again, pick up my kids, move furniture.

He told me it will be another four weeks till I am completely healed.

I can ease into all that slowly, and I WILL, but I was hoping to start my kettlebell workout again, and that’s out for another couple of weeks. 


I figured I’ll start by walking the neighborhood or something. I don’t know. I’ve gained 3lbs back, thanks to sitting on my butt and not sticking to healthy foods.

I’ve got a ball to attend in August, and I WILL look good. haha So back to the diet at least, and I’ll slowly work my way up back to working out 5-6 days a week.

At least I have the okay to scrub my house. Jason is a great father, and tidy-upper, but he is not good at cleaning. He makes sure the sink is empty and the counters are clean. But he didn’t vacuum (I couldn’t, it weighs 30 pounds, thank you Kirby), sweep (Thank God brooms aren’t heavy), or scrub anything. My house is nasty and it grosses me out.  Yay for moving furnitures and scrubbing cabinets.


My life is so exciting. 


The highlight of my day? Bubby telling me “Ooo wook pretty” or You look pretty. Heart. Melted. (Maybe I should get dressed out of sweats more often?!) 

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