How many days for a habit to form?

It takes 21 days for a habit to form. I think that is what I’ve read in the past. That means I’ve only got to work out for 19 more days to make it a habit. Exercising is a hard habit for me to keep. SOMETHING always seems to get in the way, traveling..sick  But it needs to be a priority.

A big priority.

The workout I am doing is not the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but it certainly isn’t easy. My plan is to work my way up. I’m am so out of shape, I get winded going up the stairs sometimes. It’s sad. I don’t want to push myself too hard at first, because then I will give up because I can barely walk or sit on the toilet to pee without crying in pain. So I ordered Rockin’ Body, with Shaun T. It’s fun, gets my heart pumping, and I sweat (which I hate, haha)

Like I said, it is my second day. The first one was easy peasy. This one was more difficult, but I think after doing it a couple more times I’ll fly through it without taking 10 second breaks. I plan on doing kick-boxing next. And hopefully walking the crater (a 3.2 mile walk that is torturous because you practically have to walk up a mountain) with a friend or two.

Oh and I want to start hiking with the kids again. Now THAT is a workout.

I want to lose the weight, and keep exercising so I can eat treats without feeling guilty. As long as I am working out, I won’t gain weight.. unless, you know, I eat like 6 cupcakes a day or something. I usually don’t eat all that bad, but I like my treats.

Cupcakes sounds really good right now.

I’m doing good on the eating side. Giving up soda or sweet tea is usually the hardest for me, but this time it has been the easiest. I’ve been sucking down water and crystal light. (I wish I could find a good tasting sugar free something to make water taste better without all the chemicals)  I am having problems giving up carbs in the food form. I want bread. I want chocolate. Real chocolate. Not sugar free pudding or fudge pops.

I was desperate for some chocolate earlier. But I resisted. Yay me!

I know it will get better with time. It is just my body having to adjust to eating like I should.I will take one day a week and call it a cheat day. I won’t feel guilty for grabbing a Dr. Pepper or a Starbucks White Mocha Frap, that’s all I am saying.

Maybe even a cupcake.

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