Our Bubby Boy

I can’t leave him out of the updates. 🙂

He just turned two years old. It feels like yesterday I was holding a little chunky baby who could barely roll over. Now he is thinning out and becoming SO big.

He had a checkup last week. He is back up to 28lbs and is 34 inches long. He is finally getting some length on him. I knew he was getting taller because all of his one piece outfits and overalls are getting too short. No more baby clothes for him, strictly toddler clothing. 😦

He pretty much sleeps through the night every night. Finally.

He is trying his best to talk. He know a lot of words and can communicate pretty well. When he gets excited, though, I can barely understand him. He is slowly learning his letters and colors. He tries his best to keep up with his big sister. They have a pretty great relationship. Right now they are cuddling together playing on Daddy’s Ipad.

(And now that I typed that, Sweet Pea is being a brat and not wanting to share or even wanting him to look at it)

Bubby is all mama’s boy. He will play with Daddy and go to him a lot, but there are times when no one else will do, except for me. Most of the time it is sweet, sometime it can be frustrating when I am in the middle of cooking dinner or a project. I try to remind myself that he won’t be little forever… key word is, try. haha

He is an excellent eater, he will eat pretty much anything we put in front of him. It might be considered weird, but he hates hot dogs (so do I). We have tried to give him a hot dog on several occasions and he wants nothing to do with them. And we feed them the good ones (Kosher or organic! lol) Anyway. The only issue with eating is that he still drops everything on the floor, only when he is done eating though. We are trying to teach him to tell us when he is done, but he will throw something on the floor before he tells us he is done.

I am tired of constantly picking up food from the floor. I sweep and wipe up messes 2-3 times a day. I will not miss this part of having a 2 year old.

Again, anyway… He loves all things that move. Trains, cars, trucks, and airplanes. He loves it when we go to the airport or an air force base, they are planes.. EVERYWHERE. It is so cute to hear him say “airpane! airpane! airpane!”.  He loves to push anything he can push around the house.

He gets comments on his light blonde hair, everywhere we go. He does not look a thing like Jason. Poor hubby. I still keep it longer, I don’t want him to have a bowl cut or short hair, for now. When he is old enough to decide.. he can cut it however he wants. 😉 It bugs the hell out of Jason, but I love his hair.

Anyway, I have mounds of laundry to wash and fold. Here is a picture of my sweet boy on his birthday!

My big boy!


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