Boring update post. (Holiday edition)

Not that I have a huge readership, but I like to blog to help me document the kids milestones, things we have experienced, etc.

We went home for the holidays. It was wonderful. The kids had a blast. It was great to spend nearly 3 weeks visiting friends and family. We were ready to go home though, not because we did not want to see everyone, but because we needed our routines. And our own beds. 😉

Traveling went smoothly, for the most part. Of course, Bubby wouldn’t sleep much on the red-eye to the mainland. It was one of the longest flights ever. As soon as we got settled in bed that night, we were out like a light. Sweet Pea fought us while we tried to take her shoes off because she just wanted to sleep. The flights back was the best trip that we’ve had. No delays and small layovers, it was great.

Anyway, a lot of things had changed in the past 8 months.

My mom and my now step-dad got married.

My sister and her boyfriend got married.

My baby sister found a wonderful man, and I am very happy she has found someone that makes her happy. (we finally met him and I think he is swell ;))

I did miss my Uncle Jeff, I kept waiting for him to walk through the door. :/ I think it did help to have all the kids and grandkids together though.

My cousin J, is getting huge. I remember holding him when he was super small and looked like a mini Mr. Magoo. (He was adorable!)

Sweet Pea loved having her cousin Tay-Tay around. They had two sleepovers. It was her very first sleepover, I expected her to call us and want to come home but she didn’t want to come back with us! I really wish we lived closer, but the good news is they are visiting us this month (We are all so stoked), we haven’t told Sweet Pea yet so I know she is going to freak out when she sees them at the airport!

She loved seeing everyone and would immediately give anyone who asked a big hug. Of course, she talked everyone’s head off. haha

Bubby had a hard time adjusting to the time zone and getting used to all the people who wanted to love on him. He grunted, a lot. He only wanted Jason or I to hold him. Eventually he warmed up to everyone and gave hugs and kisses freely. He also turned TWO while we were there. It was great to celebrate his birthday with our family.

The kids were spoiled rotten with all the love, hugs, and presents. 🙂 We had 2 suitcases full of presents to bring back with us. Luckily, we had planned for that so we had no problems.[ And Continental Airlines kicks ass, they worked it out so we would not have any baggage fees. They are very military friendly, just FYI.]

Jason took a long motorcycle ride on my mom’s Harley. He and my step-dad, uncle, and other guy drove to Manteo. He was in HEAVEN. He just doesn’t care for Hawaii, mainly because the unit here is not the best. I enjoyed driving faster than 35mph, having help with the kids, and just being able to see everyone.

It was a blast, and we are hoping to come home in the next year. Hopefully. Flight prices are insane, and we have to buy four tickets. EEK.

I am going to try and blog more often, if only for me to look back on in a few years.

Here are some family pictures my sister took while we were there. We took them at the park in Cedar Point, the sunset was GORGEOUS that night.

Told you, beautiful sunset.

This sums us up, perfectly. haha

Me and my pretty girl. 🙂

She is so photogenic. I'm envious.

The boys.

I love this candid one.

His come hither look.

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