Things my kids say.. #7

I haven’t done this in a while, and I am keeping track of them again… although I don’t have anything really cute that Bubby has said.

Well, he does try to sing the Veggietales song, Cebu. We sing it to him and he goes sa boooooooooooooooooo. It’s super cute,  I will have to video tape him for family to see.

Anyway Sweet Pea and I were on the way to downtown and she was talking about Jesus. She informed me that Jesus died to save us for our sins…. and so we could go to the zoo.

One day we went out to eat and she informed me that the man at the other table was eating his french fries because he ate his dinner first.

I usually wear sweatpants and shirt to bed instead of PJ’s. Mainly because most of the PJ’s I owned were very warm, which does not work in Hawaii. So, I’ve been trying to work out more, and  came downstairs after getting ready.. Sweet Pea asks me “Why are you wearing your pajamas to exercise? Those are for sleeping.”

The other day I bought a scarf and wore it in my hair. When I got home, I took it off and Sweet Pea took it and put it around her neck. She then informed me that she was going to get ready and go out with her girlfriends. Then she went into her toy kitchen, pretended to make a food dish, and acted like she was leaving. TOO CUTE.

Finally, she is trying to understand the concept of the past/present/future. Instead of saying today, she asks me what are we going to do “this day”? And what happened on “that day, what’s the word again? Yesterday” when she is talking about something that she did the day before.

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