A little funny.


Image by protoflux via Flickr

The hubby has duty, so the kids and I go to our favorite “fast food” restaurant, Subway.

I ❤ Subway. My kids ❤ Subway. Jason does not love Subway, so it is our little thing we do. (or I cook a pot roast or make zuppa toscana – YUM! My husband is weird and doesn’t like pot roast or soups?!)

The place was pretty empty, so I was letting the kids sit at one of the booths while I ordered. (It was 10 feet away) I am keeping an eye on them throughout the process. I turn to pay for my food and look back at the kids and notice Sweet Pea’s face is BRIGHT red. I thought maybe she was crying, but she wasn’t whining or yelling for me.

So I grab the food and ask her what’s wrong. She proceeds to tell me she bit into a “pickle” and it was really hot and made her mouth hot.

It was a jalapeno.

She found it on the table, which I am thankful that it was not on the floor. But seriously, the girl says she hates pickles, why did she even pick it up and try it?! So I told her we don’t eat food from strangers or food found anywhere in public, gave her water, and that was that.

Hopefully she learned her lesson not to pick up food from strange places. 😉

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