While I have a moment.

Things have once again, been crazy.

8 more days till this semester is over, and maybe I will feel better. I feel so burdened all the time with these classes. I’m working on next week’s stat homework in hopes I can dedicate all my time to my final (pointless!) paper for my literature class.

Things that have been going on..

Sweet Pea has been so silly, and I feel bad for not keeping up with some of the stuff that comes out of her mouth. She can be super challenging one moment and have me biting my lip, trying not to laugh the next. She has been having issues with sleeping in her own bed. She says she is scared of bats. Any suggestions to help her (and us!) would be appreciated.

Bubby is learning to talk more and more. He likes to point at your butt while you are peeing and say “butt, butt, butt”. And whenever you change his diaper, he tells us “I pooped”. He’s all boy. He even giggled when Jason farted last night. His favorite thing to say is “Itsh hooot.” (It’s hot) whenever we give him food or he isn’t supposed to touch something.

Jason has been busy with work. They have the STANT team there, I do not know what it all means except that it makes for busy days. Please pray that he doesn’t get called on a SAR case tomorrow, we would like to actually have a 3 day weekend with him, without him having to ask for him to take time off from work.

And I am helping out some neighbors by watching their sweet newborn. My mom told me it will either make the baby itch stronger or take it away. Right now, (I have no idea where I stand on the baby issue, I’m just happy to not have to get up to do middle of the night feedings and diaper changes.) She is a super easy baby, but she still needs a lot of attention. It hasn’t been that bad though. The kids love her, especially Sweet Pea. The “worst” part of watching her is having to get up early, but it also gives me time without my kids underfoot, so it is really a win/win.

And I will say that this air station does not like for me to go to any CG functions. I think this is the third time we or I have made plans… and Jason is told that he has to stay overnight. Or he goes on a SAR case in the middle of nowhere. It drives me CRAZY.  So instead of getting together for a fun night tomorrow, I’ll be living it up with the kids.. doing homework and laundry.

Now to watch a little “How I Met Your Mother” with the husband and then, BED.

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