Getting on my soapbox.


I haven’t disappeared. The family went on a vacation to the Big Island of Hawaii, so I was busy preparing for the trip, doing schoolwork, packing, cleaning, vacationing, and unpacking (and now doing more schoolwork). I will post some pictures and updates of our time there. We loved it and plan to go back next year.

To my soapbox.

I hate my English class. It’s literature. I hate analyzing literature. I hate poetry. I always have, always will. I love reading, but please do not ask me to analyze a story or poem to death. It sucks the fun out of reading, it makes me not want to read. I do not care why they put a rose by the old door or whatever. Let me read and come up with my own interpretations.

If I had known I would have needed this course for my degree I would have taken it a LONG time ago, before I lost brain cells from being pregnant and talking to small children all day.

I worked my butt off on my last paper. I tried very hard, and I got a “C”! Seriously, a C?! 😦 I knew it wasn’t an A paper, because I do not analyze literature well, but a C just made me want to cry. That paper took three days of me ignoring my kids and husband, working, researching, writing, revising and I get a lousy C.

This week’s paper is poetry, which I loathe. I absolutely hate poetry. And with last paper’s grade, I am not putting much effort into it. I am just going to work my way through with it and see what happens.

(How did I ever make it through Honor’s English all through high school?!)

Did I mention on top of the work I put in my English class, math class usually takes me a good 8 hours to do a week. I feel like I am working a full time job and I am only taking 2 classes. (I have no idea how working mom’s do it, my hat is off to you!)

Which brings me to my issue.

Why must colleges and universities make you take courses that do not apply to you in the real world? Why must I have a “well rounded” education. I want to go into accounting. I am 100% positive that accountants do not ask each other to analyze poetry. Nor do I think they wonder about the war of 1812 while doing spreadsheets.

I should be taking business, economics, accounting, and computer courses. I should not have to waste two years on social sciences, literature, philosophy, art, etc. My husband has always told me that universities require it to make more money off of you, I have to agree with him.

I have been in the real world for 10 years. I took all those classes in high school. I should make the decision if I want a well rounded education. If I have an interest in something that is not in my degree plan, I’ll take it. Forcing students to take courses that are useless to their job field is a huge time and money waster.

Like a friend said, if they want accounting or business students to have better writing skills, then offer a business writing course. That would be more useful to me for the degree plan I have chosen. It would help with my career. Analyzing Van Gogh  paintings or trying to have me find the irony in a poem just pisses me off. It discourages me because I am wasting my time. Teach me skills that will help further my education in the field I have chosen.

I think I am done now. Can you tell I am little frustrated and stressed? I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs.

3 more weeks till I am done with this semester. I will NEVER take a literature course, ever again.

The end cannot come soon enough.

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