#5 – Things my children say…

First, Bubby is starting to speak in small sentences. It is the cutest thing when he says – “I’m done! I’m done! I’m done!”  And if you do not take his plate away and all his food left on the tray, he will throw his food at the plate. I need to catch it on video, him talk, not throwing the food.

We recently went to Waimea Falls with the kids. We got into the water where it was FREEZING. Poor Bubby kept saying, “up! out! up? out? up, up, up!” 

Tonight, we were making some cards for our friend who is in Afghanistan, he is the kid’s godfather and Jason’s best friend. So I had them draw, stamp their handprint, and whatever else they felt like. I asked Sweet Pea what she wanted to me to write in the card, and she told me to write – “Be careful and don’t talk to strangers!”

She cracks me up.

The other night I was taking Sweet Pea to the bathroom in the middle of the night. We take her every night before we go to bed. (And a small hurrah – she no longer wears pull-ups at night and only has had ONE accident!) So I was holding her on the toilet since she is half asleep. I give her a kiss on the cheek and she fusses at me – “Get out of my face! I’m trying to pee!”.

She’s so sweet, isn’t she?

Last week I had taken her and Bubby to Babies R Us to buy her some dresses. She chose to take a pink ball with her. She has to take something with her wherever she goes, whether it be a ball, a shoelace (yes, a shoelace), a block, or stuffed animal. It can be annoying because she will lose track of whatever she is carrying, and freaks out till we find it again. That particular day she kept dropping the ball and it would roll away. I told her the next time it was dropped, I was not going to help her get it.

Well, she held on to it till we got into the parking lot. She freaked out, I told her say good bye to the ball. I then grabbed it after I put her into her car seat and put it into my purse. I forgot about it since my purse is huge. 🙂 A few days later we went to the NEX to get a few groceries. I took Sweet Pea with me while Jason and Bubby stayed home. She was “helping” me with the self check-out when the little pink ball rolled out. She grabs its and says “Look Mama! My pink ball is here! It rolled all the way from Babies R Us to the NEX! It found me!”.

It was one of the cutest things I have ever seen.  She was so amazed and happy, of course, I let her keep the ball.

The other night we were all eating dinner. We asked Sweet Pea what she wanted to be when she grew up. She replied “I’m going to be a pilot. Then I am going to go to school to be a doctor! THEN I am going to be a rock star and I am going to be a princess!” She knows how to dream big.

And finally, I was invited to go see a movie with some friends. Sweet Pea was super anxious for me to leave so she could hang out with Daddy. I am nowhere as cool as Daddy. I told her she had to wait till it was actually time for me to leave. And she responds matter-of-factly  “Mama, you need to walk downstairs. Put your shoes on. Open the door. And then leave. Ok? That’s all you have to do.”

She’s so bossy. I have no idea where she gets that…


4 thoughts on “#5 – Things my children say…

  1. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog while browsing the parenting tag…Your kids are so cute! Your post made me smile from beginning to end. I couldn’t wait to experience these “funny & cute” conversation with my daughter someday…I have an idea where Sweet Pea gets that trait of being bossy – most probably from her dad, lol! 🙂 Have a nice day!

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