The Worst Part, I feel helpless.

I hate living so far away. This is the furthest I have ever lived from family. It is one the furthest places I can go and still be on American soil. We are 6000 miles away from home. A 12 hour plane ride. A very expensive plane ride if you have to buy tickets last minute.

This past year has been hard on my family and some friends. There have been family members who have passed away, angel babies that were born in Heaven, and friends who have lost loved ones.

Loved ones going through hardships, and all I can do it offer phone calls, cards, and virtual hugs.

I’ve missed my mom getting married. My sister getting married.  Birthdays. Anniversaries.

Now there is this storm, Hurricane Irene. It actually worries me, which is a big deal. I usually do not get too rattled when hurricanes make their way to the East Coast. Growing up in North Carolina, I’ve dealt with my fair share of hurricanes. Most are not a huge threat to NC. This does not seem to be the case, this time.

Irene is headed straight for my hometown. And it is a HUGE storm. And there is nothing I can do. I sit on my butt, waiting and worrying.

I can offer my home, but who can afford a $1000+ plane ticket in a time where they may need extra money, just in case.

So once again, I’m offering phone calls, hugs, prayers, and thoughts. It sucks not being there for people when they need you. Not that I could do much during a hurricane, but at least I would be near my loved ones.

I can only hope and pray that her strength dissipates some before she hits land. That my loved ones are in safe homes, away from harm. That, they evacuate if needed.

So please, everyone on the east coast. Stay safe. Don’t be stupid, evacuate if you feel threatened. You are all in our thoughts and prayers!


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