Duty up the Booty

My husband will have been flying on duty every day this week. I am writing this on a Tuesday.. I am future dating this post because I need to vent, somewhere.

If you read my blog last week, you saw the whole CG Ball letdown. Yeah. It sucked, but whatever.  Obviously, it wasn’t meant to be. I’m still a little bitter, but what can you do?

(Anyone want some Nine West silver heels? haha)

The kicker was, my husband had to go back Monday for duty again. I think it is going to be uneventful.. Call the husband 30 minutes before he is supposed to get off work Tuesday to make sure he’ll be home for dinner. (I wanted grilled steaks!) Everything seems to be fine, then get a text – flying on a SAR case, oh and I have duty tomorrow.

Um. I start yelling “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?” Which does no good since my husband is flying in the air and has his phone off. Which leads me to call my mother and vent. (I love you so much Mama!)

So, he has duty on Wednesday, overnight. Again. He’s covering for a bunch of people. Which mean he’ll be at work, flying, till Thursday afternoon and will have to go back Friday for overnight duty again. If he has duty Friday, then he will have to go back on duty Monday morning during the day, only to go back on duty Tuesday afternoon.

Have I lost you yet?

Let’s just say he’s got to do a buttload of duty and flying. Out of 13 days, he will only have 3 days where he is not on duty or flying. Ridiculous. Jason is angry and frustrated as one would expect from being a little overworked. And people at work are asking him if his ass hurts, because he’s getting reamed.

I’m tired. The kids are cranky. I’m tired of thinking of stuff to keep the kids entertained constantly, otherwise Sweet Pea will pout that her Daddy isn’t around. Wednesday, we took a trip to Wal-Mart and the craft store.. as I have decided to redo all the pictures in my house. Including re-vamping most of the frames.

I can’t paint, and I want more color in the house.

I would love some adult time. I’m going to pay for a baby-sitter Friday night so I can go talk with people my age and watch a movie. I’m. Over. This.

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