What’s your definition of a superhero? (Sweet Pea-isms #3)

So this past week, Sweet Pea has come up with some doozies.

"Helping" - meaning eating cream cheese before mom can put it in the lasagna!

One in particular being “Mommy, I have small boobs and you have BIG boobs! When am I going to get big boobs?”

Or if you tell her she looks pretty or she did a good job, she replies “I know.” That is all her father too. Whenever I tell Jason he looks good or I tell him he did great on a project around the house, I get the same response.

On the way to Jason at work “Mommy, look at those airplanes. Daddy works on airplanes, he flies on them. Mommy, can I have a pink airplane so I can fly with Daddy?”

One day we were shopping at Target, my second home in Hawaii, and I gave Sweet Pea a book to look at while I was pushing the cart. As we were walking around, I told her that I loved her, she replied, ever so sweetly.. “Shhh! I’m trying to read!”

In the same shopping trip I was trying to hurry her along, since she inherited her father’s lack of speed and she told me: “Mommy, I want you to be patient!”

Finally, one of the sweetest, cutest things I’ve ever heard came out of her mouth. This past weekend of Jason being sent on a SAR case and not knowing when he would be home, went pretty well. She did get upset at one point asking why he wasn’t home. I explained to him that he was out flying, she asked why. I told her that someone fell out of their boat and they were looking for him so they could help them. She replies, “Oh, so he’s a superhero.” It was a fact to her, nothing she made up. So Daddy’s job makes him a superhero in her eyes.. as well as anyone who tries to help someone. That’s a great definition of a superhero to me.

Her Hero. Haha

Three year olds, life would be boring without them!

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