Island Fever

We have got it. Island Fever stinks.

Even Sweet Pea has the fever. She cannot wait to go home to NC for Christmas. She talks about it how she can’t wait to see everyone back home.

Oahu is gorgeous. Oahu has a lot to offer, but it is not the same as home.

I miss seasons. I love watching the colors change on the trees in the fall. I love the thrill of it getting cooler, knowing that the holidays are right around the corner. I miss wearing cute sweaters and my green peacoat. I LOVE winter clothes. I cannot tell you how I was excited to buy the kids cute coats, sweaters, and one piece sweater outfits for Bubby when we surprised everyone in February.

Last year did NOT feel like Christmas. It snuck up on me, honestly. It was difficult for Jason and I. That is why we were determined to come home this year (And Coast Guard, please let him have off! He didn’t ask for any time off the past two Christmases!!) Hallelujah for finding a super deal on the internet.

I miss road trips. Kind of. I’m not a huge fan of sitting in the car for hours with 2 kids, but it was exciting to get the opportunity to see new places or visit old friends. I’m actually scared when we go to NC this Christmas. We have 2 kids who aren’t in the car longer than an hour (Usually because of traffic) and we are going to have a 4 hour drive home from the airport.

It is a lot harder and more expensive to get off an island in the middle of the Pacific. You just can’t load up the car for a weekend and drive a couple of hours to a new town. You have to pay for airline tickets, get a rental car, make a hotel reservation. The cost adds up quick.

We do want to visit the neighboring islands. Our plan was to go to the Big Island next month and stay for a few days. It’s supposed to be different than Oahu. It has an active volcano, and it is more country, rather than urban.  The temperature is cooler. The CG nixed that idea for us, hopefully September will work out. It will be expensive, but it will be a nice change for the four of us.

Sweet Pea has been begging to stay in a hotel again. Every time she sees a big building, she calls it a hotel and wants to go there. Most of the time the buildings are apartments, but try telling her that!

I’m hoping to visit Maui in the winter. I want to see some whales!!!! I have talked about whales since we got here. We went hiking several times to go whale watching and saw NOTHING. So it is either go to Maui (where you can see them everywhere in the winter) or go on a whale watching cruise. Maui sounds more fun.

Oh, and I miss Chick-Fil-A. And Cracker Barrel. And North Carolina Bar-be-Que. Sweet Tea at every restaurant. I miss Olive Garden a little bit, I’m tired of making my own zuppa toscana. It’s much easier to go buy it at the restaurant. I miss my grandpa’s lima beans that we always ate on Halloween, I can’t get mine to taste as good as his.

We love Oahu. Well, the kids and I love it. I just wish it was not so far away from everything familiar. I have nothing against Oahu, I would feel this way if we were stationed in Kodiak (I would probably be going nuts in Kodiak by now), where we had a very strong possibility of getting stationed.  I am very thankful we are here, instead of somewhere I know we would have been bored and miserable. Or somewhere that wasn’t safe.

I could do without the centipedes though. They scare the crap out of me.

Where else can you go to the park and it look like this:

It’s much better than our previous station. The big park there.. was in the middle of a landfill. NO JOKE.  It smelled like flowers and sunshine in the summer. ha.

Anyway. Not much I can do except make the best out of the situation. It would be awesome if my family could come visit more often. I know it is hard to get off work though.. at least long enough to make the visit worth it.

It’s past my bedtime and I am rambling. Let’s just end this post.

The End.

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