The scheduling thing?

Well, it didn’t go so great.

Jason’s schedule was all kinds of crazy. He worked one night, like regular. The next day he went in at a normal time. Stayed all night. Then he stayed all the next day to get some flight time in, he was going to come home, but I asked him to stay. He was supposed to work that same night. And since we live a good distance away from the base, I was worried he would be too exhausted to drive his bike.

Plus it would only aggravate me since Sweet Pea (and frustrate her!) would ask every 5 minutes to wake up Daddy.

So he worked that night. Had the next day off, then had to go in on Thursday, in the morning.

Have I lost you yet?

His schedule was nuts. That’s all I should have said. He did have a three day weekend, so it allowed me to get schoolwork finished before Saturday.

So it all worked out in the end. We had a great family weekend. Took Jason to a new beach, and we all had a good time. 🙂

Jason’s schedule is going to be tiring this week. Poor guy.

I’m going to try and stick to the schedule. So far, Bubby is not letting me get anything accomplished. I don’t know if he is getting sick or teething, but he has been demanding. Cranky. Ornery. He has to be right on top of me, and then he basically growls at me.

It’s always something, right?

One day, I’ll have a routine or schedule. Perhaps in like 3-4 years when the kids are in school. 😉

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