15 month Stats

Our sweet boy!

Bubby had his 15 month appointment this week. It went well, except for the doctor’s ignorance on breast feeding. Hence, my previous post. She told me I need to stop breast feeding him, start him on whole milk, and get him to sleep through the night. I don’t know why I need to stop breast feeding him. She could never give me an actual reason why it is bad for him. Oh well.

And no I will not be sleep training him. He sleeps in 4-6 hour chunks, I’m not complaining. Eventually, he’ll sleep through the night.


He weighs 27lbs. He is 30.5″ long. He is starting to get more on average. He’s gone from over the 100% in weight and 25% in height, to 50-75% in weight, and 25-50% in height. He really hasn’t gained that much weight in the past 6-7 months, which is normal. He is finally getting some length on him, although he’s still got the cutest chubbiest legs!

He seems to be following his sister’s growth pattern. She is now 50% on the growth charts for weight and height, and he seems to be following suit. Although, he never looked as rolly polly as her. (I miss those rolls!) He was just more compact and solid. Still is.

He is developmentally on track. He does everything he is supposed to and more.

He is starting to communicate better. He is doing better with sign language, as in, he will respond. We knew he could sign some words, yet he would only do it when he wanted to. Now he signs when he wants more or is all done. He will now try to sign new signs. He’s not the greatest at it, but its so adorable. This is the sign for apple, he will twirl his hand up in his neck. He gets his point across though.

He will tell us no (or, uh-uh?). Whenever he sees me he says Maaa, and asks for Dada in the mornings. 🙂 And he loves to imitate his big sister’s noises. She growls, he growls. She yells, he yells. It is cute. And I love watching them play together. They get along great. For now.

So he’s healthy and happy. And I will be ignoring the doctor’s “advice” on breast feeding. She is a great doctor in every other aspect, so I don’t want to stop seeing her over one issue we disagree on.

Yay for healthy babies! We are so blessed.

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