On my way..

I’m trying my best to lose weight and get back in shape.

I don’t want to call what I am doing, a diet. More like, getting back to eating better. Although, I don’t know how eating fake sugar is really that healthy for me. 😉

I’m doing a modified version of South Beach. I’m still breastfeeding, so I didn’t want jeopardize my milk supply. (especially since little man is really not into eating solids, we’re getting there). I stay away from most carbs. I do drink green tea with sugar though. I hate, despise, canNOT stand fake sugar. I usually only drink that with dinner, I try to do water or crystal light during the day.

It basically means I’m eating a lot of salads, which I love. And not snacking on bad foods. I don’t eat pasta or bread. We already use whole grain everything, so when I start introducing more carbs back into my diet, I’ll be okay. I really wish I could lose weight it with weight watchers, but carbs like me too much.

It’s been 10 days and I’m down five pounds. So, it seems to be working. I wish I could be stricter on the diet, but the ONE time I tried it I almost passed out after little man had a rough night and wanted to nurse a lot. It was a little scary.

I’m going to start working out in November. I’ve termed it, The Insanity Workout month. Jason and I will be doing it together.  I want to make sure my eating habits are good before I introduce something new into my life. I also hold onto water weight when I start a new workout, no matter what the workout might be, so I wanted some weight loss before trying. That way I won’t get discouraged and quit.

And I made a password protect page for me to keep track of my wieght loss goals. Sorry, I don’t want the whole word to know how fat I am!!

Wish me luck, my willpower has been pretty good the past ten days. It helps when the scare moves down!!

And can I say, even though its nearly impossible with the method of birth control we are using to get pregnant that I am a little teensy bit weary of getting pregnant? lol Everytime I’ve lost weight in the past 3 years – I’ve gotten pregnant. haha!

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