So proud of ourselves.

We are debt free.

No debt. No student loans, no car payments, nothing.

The only thing we are responsible for is phone, internet, cable, and insurance.

We paid off $23,000 in a year and a half. It was supposed to take two and a half years, but there was a huge silver lining when it came to living in a hotel for 60 days. 🙂

We used the Dave Ramsey plan. I will have to post more later since I need to be doing stuff around the house.

Jason and I are excited!

Little updates for the family –

Jason – had an early little mid-life crisis thing. He wanted to get rid of his motorcycle that he wanted for 2 freakin years!! lol But between several talks with me, friends and some family, he’s keeping it. And is in the process of adding a whole bunch of stuff he said he wasn’t going to do… but whatever. He’s working hard to be able to take his test to move up in rank. Please pray and think of him. He gets stressed very easily.

Me – I’ve been trying to get the courage to go to some mommy and me groups or something. I’ve also been doing some small crafty type things, and converting my cloth diapers from velcro to snaps. The velcro is a pain in the butt to get off the diapers (Bumgenius). I’m also trying to lose weight – (4lbs down in 6 days, so far. I’m doing a modified version of South Beach since I’m breastfeeding)

Sweet Pea – is of course talking away. The stuff she comes up with cracks us up. The other day she told my mom “I can’t hug you, your inside the phone!!”; my mom is coming to visit this month, so we asked her if she was going to give her a big hug. I need to keep a diary of the things she tells us. Its hard to believe she’s only two and a half, she understands and talks SO much. And she loves to sing, loves it, loves it, loves it! 🙂

Little Man – who now has the nickname of Bubby. He’s doing good. He can say Dada now. He’s trying to clap and wave. He’s getting close to crawling. But for a baby who can’t crawl, he gets around pretty good. He is still working on his second tooth, its taking is sweet time. And he’s just the sweetest, happiest little guy ever. (Unless he’s teething)

I must go feed the little man. 🙂

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