So, we should be in our new home…


Yes, 22 days.

Some of you know the story, some of you don’t. But our housing was taken away.

Why, you ask? Because some people are inconsiderate and only think about how something inconveniences them, not anyone else.

We were supposed to move into our home August 5th, now we aren’t moving till August 25th. I went to set up cable a couple of days after I wrote my last blog post. And I was confused when the lady told me that there was no termination date. Therefore, I could not set up our internet and cable. That sent off little warning bells in my head, but I decided to ignore it. The lady told me she was going to call them, because they must have forgot to shut off their internet/cable. (I’m thinking they should be nearly moved out). She told me should call the next day.

I never received a call from her. I dismissed it, thinking she just could not have gotten hold of them and she had to try later.

Then I get a lovely phone call from my husband saying we lost our house!! Why? Because the people who live there already got their orders revoked. They decided not to tell the office till the day they were supposed to move out. Or maybe the cable people got a hold of them, and it occurred the new tenants to tell the office, um, we aren’t moving now.

Nice of them to ket everyone know.

We had already set up renter’s, car insurance, and our movers to drop off our stuff. It was only 8 days before we were supposed to move.

I could HURT those people. But I managed to keep it together, mainly because Jason was stressing enough for 10 people.

The problem was, we couldn’t pay to get a rental either since most of our savings had been wiped out with hotel and food costs. Because we had not gotten one single cent from the Coast Guard. And they had messed up our pay.

So that day sucked, just a LITTLE teeny bit.

We called Army housing, Air Force housing, looked at our rentals options, AGAIN. And we found out we would have a house, if we wanted it. But not till August 25th.

Yes, great news that we had a house, but another 30 days in a hotel!? We went and looked at the outside. Turns out it was newer and nicer. It’s one level, instead of two. It has a bigger garage, bigger yard. Its in the same complex, so Jason’s commute would be the same. And it has pretty floors (we asked), I can’t do the lunchroom/hospital tile floors with a baby who is trying to crawl and walk.

So nothing is official yet, but we sign the lease on the 20th, and look inside, and really hope we like it. lol We are told it is ours, and that the people are DEFINITELY moving. They bought a house, and their kid is already going to school in that school system.

I swear I will have a mental breakdown if something happens to this house.

We got reimbursed for some of our hotel/food that day. I think, its all blurry. Then got paid what we were owed with Jason’s paycheck and his regular paycheck. We’ve never had that amount of money in our checking account. It was a nice number to see. So we got all the credit cards paid off and replenished our savings account.

I also went to the NEX and thrift store and got some stuff to prepare food in the hotel room. Its nice to have the option to stay in, even if we have to refill the cooler with ice every day. 😉 Our hotel fridge is the size of a microwave and has no freezer option. (I got a cooler, crock pot, foreman grill, and small food processor. Then some silverware, gladware, plates, and assorted cooking utensils – it was well worth the 60 bucks I spent) We’ve had some burgers on the foreman, and a pot roast in the crock pot. Yum.

So we are trying to make the best out of it.

And honestly, it worked out for the better. We are going to be able to put a few thousand extra into our savings and we will have a nicer house. I was happy with the previous one (houses are not like they are in the mainland), but this one makes me almost giddy. I can’t wait to decorate. Jason I’m sure, is not. That means $$$. But I’m a bargain hunter,  so whatever. haha

The kids are doing ok. Sweet Pea is bored out of her ever-loving mind. So I’m trying to get out at least an hour or two everyday. Today we are going to attempt the pool without Daddy. I have to find some floaties first. We have a kiddie pool, but its a part of the big pool. So, she could jump over the side if she wanted. Luckily, she stays close and loves to jump around in the kiddie pool.

It took me a while to get here and to post. I wanted to make sure that plans weren’t going to change again. I can tell you, I don’t want to stay in a hotel, no matter how nice, for a LONG time. 57 days will be enough!

Love and miss you all!

3 thoughts on “So, we should be in our new home…

  1. I am so glad things are looking up and the crock pot and george foreman are working out!! I am sure it beats going out every night. I miss you all so much but am much better knowing things are a little easier. Please give Charleigh and Cade BIG hugs and kisses from MamaTree and tell them I love and miss them bunches! Make sure you do all the hand signals for the I love you with Charleigh. Give Jason a hug too and tell him to give you a hug from me!! I love you all!! Miss you!!


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