Today is our 7th Wedding Anniversary

So far, it has been a crazy ride, but it is something I would NEVER trade for the world.

7 years ago I married my best friend, and things have been FAR from easy….. but that is what makes us stronger. I am glad we went through our struggles. I could not be happier with anyone else. He is the perfect man for me, not to mention he does the dishes. 😉

I never knew life would take this turn, we have 2 gorgeous, sweet babies, we are getting ready to move 5000 miles from home, and we have been through hell and back. In just 7 short years.

He’s my best friend. I never would have made it through the years of wondering if we would ever be able to have a biological child, if it was not for my husband. He’s my rock.

I know I don’t thank him enough for all he does. He’s a great father, wonderful husband, a decent cook. He helps around the house, he thinks of the kids and I first, and I would be lost without him.

Who knew that the hot guy (AKA “Uncle Jesse”) in the apartment downstairs, nearly 9 years ago, the guy I used to check out through my bedroom window, would be my husband?  The formal model would be the (wonderful) father to our children? We’ve come a long way.

Here’s to many more happy years, love you goober!

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